Online Dating Tips – Improve your Letter Writing

Letter Writing tips when Dating Online

Online dating can be a great experience if done right. That entails knowing how to write letters, for example. A lot of people wing it and wonder how come they aren’t receiving a lot of feedback. These can be both new and seasoned online daters who just haven’t cracked it. In this article, we are going to take a look at the topic of writing people who spark your interest. Let’s take a look.

online dating1. Personalized is the way to go.

A common mistake online dating fans make is writing generic letters. An average person goes through hundreds of letters and reads hundreds of profiles, the last thing that makes them stop and write back to someone is the generic approach. The best idea is to find someone that seems to have what you are looking for, reading through their profile and then writing a letter based on what you found fascinating or what you have in common. Don’t make the letter long – keep it short and sweet.

2. How many should you send?

How many CVs would you send to get the kind of job you want? We assume your answer is “As many as it takes.” And you aren’t wrong here because the same applies to online dating. Note that we are not saying you should bombard the same person with 20 letters a day because you got no response. What we do mean is sending many to as many people as it takes.

3. Filter

When responses start filing in you, need to remember that you are looking for an ideal mate and not just out there socializing. The responses you receive must be filtered and not turned into meaningless conversations that you know won’t get any further. Politely decline further communication attempts by letter and keep looking.


Letter writing is an important part in online dating, and if you want to be successful, you need to follow some basic rules. Apply the guidelines we provided you here and good luck with online dating.