Three Steps to a Winning Dating Profile

winning dating profile

The popularity of online dating is becoming greater on a daily basis. Though a lot of people wonder – is online dating safe? The stigma that was one associated with it is diminishing as the popularity of apps such as Tinder and Badoo continue to fuel its increase in daily users. But, to be successful in online dating, you have to have a winning dating profile. Let’s start from a beginning.

You’ll Have A Winning Dating Profile If You Do This

More and more people are finding their partners and even future husbands and wives through online dating, and it is now an acceptable way to get into the dating scene and meet new people. So with so much competition, how do you ensure that your profile stands out among a sea of millions of other users? Make sure you make a great impression for all the right reasons by following our three bits of advice below.

Choose a clear, color and non-edited photo as your dating profile picture.

Ensure it is just you in the image and that you are not wearing a hat or sunglasses. Studies show that profiles with a solo, portrait image do far better than group photos or images with a lot of editing. Try to go for a natural pose, one where you look relaxed, happy and personable.

Keep your bio short, sweet and upbeat.

Steer clear of demands or details of who you will or won’t accept and be positive in your approach. It is also wise to avoid any lewd or obscene comments in this section and try to steer clear of jokes or funny comments. What may seem hilarious to you, may not come across as such to a person who does not yet know you, it is best to be on the safe side, keep your bio-friendly, to the point and leaving them wanting more. A dating profile should also be completely honest.

Ensure you use proper spelling and grammar.

Unless you are dyslexic or illiterate, there is no excuse for poor grammar and spelling on your profile. People will pick up on any mistakes instantly, and it can be extremely off-putting. Once you have written your dating profile, you can always get someone else to check it or if you are unsure, use one of the many online spelling and grammar checkers that are available. You are ten times for likely to get a match on your profile if the text is correct than if you leave it peppered with mistakes.