Yes, Your Taste Changes When You’re In Love, And This Is How

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You’re in love, everything seems different. The sky seems brighter, you’re always in a happy mood, and everything in the world just seems to be in their right places. But, our mood and perspective aren’t the only ones that are affected when we are in love or in a relationship.

Have You Noticed Food Tastes Different When You’re In Love?

Believe it or not, your preference in food or your taste in flavors change when you are in a relationship. This is according to the results of a research done in Poland and Germany. The researchers looked at 100 couples who had been together from 3 months to 45 years. The smell and taste preferences of the couple participants were tested.

They found that the longer a couple had been together, the more likely they were to have the same preferences in smell and taste. How satisfied the couples were in their relationships did not affect this result at all.

Why Do Our Tastes Change?

The research was inconclusive. Those who discovered this phenomenon weren’t able to pinpoint an exact reason why our taste buds seem to adapt to those of our partner’s or vice versa. There was past research, however, suggesting that the reason may be because of our co-habitation with the person we’re in love with. When a couple is, co-habituating they tend to be exposed to similar stimuli, not just talking about flavors.

It was also suggested that the reason behind the similar gastronomic preferences is biological. Because you and your partner have similar gustatory and olfactory translation, it could mean that you are compatible.

It’s very interesting how our bodies respond to us being in love. For all we know, it’s not just taste, mood and perception that’s changing in us when we’re in love. Science will provide us the answer to other things our body changes when we are in this state.

Whatever the case, when you’re in love, life seems to become a little better. For more interesting posts you can find useful when you’re in love, check out more of our blog.