You Are Stuck In A Grey Zone In Your Relationship

Grey Zone In Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

Have you ever heard of a relationship grey zone as you are dating? You probably haven’t but you might already know what a grey zone is. It’s when your partnership is stuck in a rut, it’s stagnant, everything feels mundane, and everything’s just boring, for a prolonged period of time.

You Can Always Get Out Of The Grey Zone

Don’t be mistaken. There will be periods in all of our relationships that might feel like being in the grey zone. But, they may not be. If you just feel bored for a short period of time, this isn’t the grey zone yet. However, if you have been feeling this way for a long time, then you have to do something about it:

1. Bland Communication

If your communication has been grey for a long time, then you’re likely in the grey area. You don’t crack jokes anymore, and you have no desire to share what happened in your day with the person you are with. Of course, this happens to every relationship from time to time, but couples that are okay will recover. Couples who are stuck in a rut don’t.

2. Keeping Things A Secret

When two people are in love, they are proud of each other. They want to share the other’s existence with, pretty much, everyone (social media included). But, if your partner hasn’t brought you anywhere for a while, then it could be a red flag. If you’re just staying at home while your partner is out with his friends, then, it is something that you should be looking into fixing because there is an underlying problem.

3. In The Grey Zone, You Feel Like An Outsider

The worst feeling you will ever experience is being a stranger inside your very own relationship. You feel empty and you feel like you’re all alone even though you are with someone. It’s tragic, but remember that you have the power to turn things around.

The bottom line is that you have lost your connection with each other. You need to do something to get it back. Yes, it’s possible for the connection to be re-established, but it’s going to take the effort of both people. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.