You’ll Know You’re Settling In Your Relationship With These Red Flags

settling in your realtionship AnastasiaDate

No relationship or marriage will ever be perfect. But, there are certain red flags that will let you know if you are actually settling in your relationship. What you have is not ideal for you, but you hold on because you’re either afraid of being alone, or you have become too comfortable that you never want to move.

Major Signs That Say You’re Settling In Your Relationship

Settling down is different from merely settling. It’s like accepting what is mediocre and not looking for the best. In truth, you can actually do so much better. To know whether you are guilty of this, check the following signs:

  • You kind of feel weird introducing your partner to your friends and family. You have been going out for some time and your family and friends want to meet the person already. But, you keep trying to put it off, looking for all sorts of excuses. If this is the case, this means that you may be embarrassed with your partner or you don’t want to pursue a long-term relationship.
  • You think that you need to oversell your date. You may not be confident about his or her personality, looks, standing in society, or if he or she may mix well with your peers. Subconsciously, you justify your date’s actions and even try to put in a good word.
  • There is that nagging feeling that you need to change yourself for him or her. He or she might not verbalize it, but you feel that you need to change your tastes, outlooks, even political stand just to have a sort of harmony in the relationship.
  • You compare him or her with your friends’ partners. It is unhealthy to compare partners because it breeds jealousy and contempt. But somehow, you can’t help it because you constantly find something ingratiating towards your partner.
  • You’re making way too many compromises to make your partner happy. It’s just so hard to keep him or her happy so much so that you give up so many things just so your partner wouldn’t get upset. It could be simple things like your choice in fashion to bigger things like giving up on your friends.

If there’s at least one of these red flags happening right now, then chances are, you might be settling in your relationship. You need some time off to assess your current situation in order to see if this is still worth pursuing. For more tips, check out the rest of our blog.