First Year Relationship Questions That Indicate Trouble

First Year Relationship Questions That Indicate Trouble | Anastasia Date

We always go into a relationship thinking that it will last. Aside from those who clearly want something short-term, we wouldn’t want to be in a relationship that will only end, or worse, end in a bad way. However, during our first year with the person, we care for, there are signs that could tell us that we might not last that long. One of those signs is if you ask relationship questions to yourself, your friends or your partner.

Relationship Questions That Indicate Trouble In Your Relationship

It’s essential for you to know that asking the question that we listed down during your first year together is crucial. It could mean that you have not adjusted to the relationship and the person you’re with. Remember this as you go through the relationship questions below:

1. Do you think we have a future together?

Asking this relationship question may just be trivial. It may seem that you’re thinking about the future, but you’re actually unsure of it.If you can’t imagine your future with the person you’re with, you may not be serious in your relationship after all.

2. Can you change this about yourself?

It’s perfectly fine if you want your partner to change for the better but you shouldn’t go into a relationship thinking that the person will change totally. You should accept who you fell in love with. If you can’t get past your partner‘s imperfections, your relationship might not work out.

3. Could you give me more space?

During the first year of your relationship, you should be on cloud nine. This means that you’re supposed to be happy all the time and you’re supposed to want to be with your partner all the time. When you are asking for space during your first year, you might not want to be in a committed relationship. You could be feeling trapped.

4. Why do I always feel bored?

This question’s rationale is similar to that of question three. You’re supposed to be in your honeymoon stage which means that boredom shouldn’t be part of the things you feel. A reassessment of your relationship is in order if you feel like there’s nothing exciting that’s happening in your relationship.

5. Why is this person so annoying?

It’s normal to feel annoyed with your partner. You are bound to have differences. But, if the annoyance you feel is always present and it’s affecting the connection you have with your partner, it’s time to really think about the underlying cause. It may be that you’re not comfortable being with your partner anymore.

So how many relationship questions seemed familiar to you? This is why we need to think about whether we are ready for a serious relationship or not. It may be that we are actually leaning towards something short-term and that’s alright. You just need to be sure for yourself.For more tips on how to handle relationships, read more from our blog.