Reasons Why Your Partner Isn’t Emotionally Open Towards You

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In our relationships, we commonly reach a point when we realize that our partner isn’t actually emotionally open to us. After years of being together, we tend to see the bad side of the person we are with. The problem is that emotional availability is important in every relationship. It involves honesty and openness. If we see that our partner is closed and if we don’t do anything about it, it could be our relationship’s ruin.

Why Is My Partner Not Emotionally Open?

Before we go to the solutions, let’s explore why your partner may not be emotionally open towards you. Here’s a list of causes. Go through each item and see if you have any of the following habits:

1. You’re Trying Too Hard

Even if your intention is positive, you may end up scarring your partner away emotionally if you’re trying too hard to make your partner open up. What you need to do first is stop trying and just let things flow.

2. You Overshare

One idea that might have gotten into your head is the idea that when you share, you might just encourage your partner to do the same. This tactic will not work for a number of reasons. One big reason is that your partner might feel pressure to reciprocate.

3. You Ask Too Much

Here’s another common tactic that we commonly do. We ask, and ask, and ask. If we ask, we might get an answer but we may not get the answer we want because our partner is already withholding from us emotionally.

So, you need to stop these three habits. Now, what you do to make your partner emotionally open to you is this:

  • Ask how they are. Yes, we’ve already talked about not asking too many questions, but asking how your partner is every now and then is not a bad thing.
  • You make them feel safe by not being judgemental. Even if your partner is not telling you anything, you have to do your best to avoid or reserve your comments or judgmental behavior.
  • Make them feel that you are there for them to talk to. Don’t force your way to your partner’s psyche. You can make them feel that you’ll be there when they are ready to talk to you. If they don’t want to, for now, leave them be.

The challenge is for you to wait. When you apply these tips, your partner isn’t going to become emotionally open instantly. As mentioned, they have to feel safe first. What you can do is make changes within yourself, initially. For more tips on improving your relationship, check out more posts on our blog.