You Are In A Mismatched Relationship If You See These Signs

You Are In A Mismatched Relationship If You See These Signs | Anastasia Date

If you have been mismatched with the person you’re dating, you will immediately know. Things in your relationship won’t be easy. Most of the time, there will be friction. That friction could build up into a fire, and that fire might end up burning everything, ending your mismatched relationship in a bad way. How do you avoid this?

Spotting A Mismatched Relationship From A Mile Away

It’s unfortunate that we find ourselves in these circumstances. When we are online dating and we are enamored with the person we are chatting with, we instantly jump into a relationship without thinking twice. In some cases, the relationship works, but most times we end up broken-hearted. This is how you know if you’re in a mismatched relationship right now:

1. You don’t agree about what to do when you have free time.

You want to do A, but your partner really wants to do B. Of course, you can compromise and do C. However, if you’re in a mismatched relationship, your reaction to this will be different. You and your partner will end up fighting over what you’re going to do because no one will give way.

2. You’re like strangers living different lives.

If you feel like you live totally different lives, then it’s one big sign that you may not be compatible. It’s not just about interests. It’s about being on the same page about most things, interests included.

3. You have different plans for the future.

This is the biggest red flag of them all. If you don’t include each other in your future plans, or worse, if one isn’t included in the plan of the other, it spells out trouble. You may not imagine yourselves in a relationship for very long.

4. The value you put in your relationship isn’t the same.

To you, your relationship may be a priority. But, to your partner, the relationship may be fifth on his or her list of priorities. This isn’t good because you will end up doing more, then resenting your partner for not doing enough.

If you spot all of the signs in your current relationship, you have to be realistic. Try your best to align yourselves on the same path. However, if this is a task that’s too challenging for the both of you, it may be time to part ways. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.