Forget About Relationship Longevity If You Are Not Doing These Things

Relationship Longevity | Anastasia Date

After you have gotten past the dating period and you are entering your new committed “in a relationship” state, you think of relationship longevity. Of course, you want this commitment to work. If you really want your relationship to last, how do you go about it aside from doing the most obvious?

Non-Negotiable Elements Of Relationship Longevity

You definitely need to work hard to make your relationship last. But, while you are focusing on improving different aspects of your relationship, make sure that you never forget about the following elements:

1. Freedom

The couple needs to maintain a certain sense of freedom. You may love your partner and be wholly committed to him or her, but maintaining your individualism contributes to the health of your relationship. You should be able to freely pursue the passions that you used to enjoy before the coupling phase.

2. Dependency On Each Other

Ok, this sounds like the opposite of the first item, but while you maintain your individuality, there should also be a sense of needing each other. There are certain things in your life that only your partner can satisfy and fulfill, emotionally and physically.

3. Physical Attraction

There should be a general healthy arousal between the two of you and you enjoy your intimate encounters. You are willing to explore and experiment or you can be happy with what you have. In short, you want each other.

4. Getting Interested

Being interested in your partner can take some effort. You should be genuinely interested in what they are saying, doing, what they are going through, and even in what they want to achieve. Do you want to be a part of your partner’s goals?

5. Enjoyable Companionship

Whether at home or just picking up groceries, you enjoy each other’s company. You can talk about different things or just be quiet together. But the important thing is, you are not annoyed with the other person’s presence.

6. Open Communication

Communication will get you through a relationship that will continue for life. It is being able to openly discuss different things and not become self-conscious about the other’s ability to understand.

7. Self-care

People who stay in a happy relationship are usually the people who can also take care of themselves. It seems that they are able to give off what they already have, because they have so much self-care.

Relationship longevity can be tough for some people. But, then you will realize that there are certain things that cannot be changed. If you have mastered this, then you are on your way to a blissful partnership that’s, hopefully, going to last forever. For more tips, make sure you read the rest of our blog.