Is She Flirting Or Manipulating? This Will Clear Things Up

Is She Really Flirting Or Manipulating? | Anastasia Date Scams

Whenever a woman is flirting with you, it most likely makes you think of two things: “this girl likes me” and “this girl will definitely say yes when I ask her out.” Those are definite possibilities. Another definite possibility that you may have not thought of is that the woman flirting with you, might not be flirting at all. She may be manipulating you into doing something for her. How would you know if she’s flirting or manipulating you, then?

Do These Signs Say She’s Flirting Or Manipulating?

It’s hard enough that we are disappointed with the thought of a lady manipulating us instead of actually being interested. But, that’s just how dating is, especially online dating. You still have to practice precaution however you can. With that said, to make things easier for you, here are signs that can easily help you in identifying flirting from manipulation:

1. The Rules Always Applies

The person who is only manipulating you will be very strict with their own rules. They won’t have much of a care about what you think or what you feel. As long as their rules are followed, everything will be all good. For example, with online dating, let’s say that you sent a chat message on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are supposed to be for video calls according to the woman you’re talking to online. She then becomes furious because her rule wasn’t followed to the T.

2. Overly Flattering

We all need to be honest with ourselves. If you know that your head is being blow up, it’s a sign of manipulation. Most likely, every one of us can tell when it’s overly done because it seems forced and it makes us uncomfortable. For example, if you know that you are not that good of a singer, do you just accept it if a person says that you sing like Frank Sinatra or Aretha Franklin?

3. Transaction Rather Than Help

Is the person you’re dating more likely to count the help that he or she has given you? This is a sign of manipulation. Think about it. If a person is genuine about offering help, he or she will offer help without expecting anything in return.

Dating is fun, and it can be quite an experience, but we need to watch out for people out their who would want something more from us – more to the point where it’s destructive or harmful. This is why it’s important to identify whether the people you come across online and offline are flirting or manipulating you. Read more of our safety tips for both online and offline dating on our blog here.