This Biggest White Lies Told Via Chat

This Biggest White Lies Told Via Chat | Anastasia Date

Everybody tells white lies, don’t they? They’re pretty common when it comes to online dating. It may be because it’s so easy to reinvent one’s self online since there’s no accountability to anyone. Unless your date double checks the facts that you tell him or her, then you are what you say you are. It kind of makes you wonder about the biggest white lies told when dating online.

These Are The Biggest White Lies We Always Fall For

You may be wondering why you would need to bother with the biggest white lies that people might tell you online. Well, it’s true that white lies don’t really hurt anyone but it’s interesting to know that it’s possible for people to misrepresent themselves when they are chatting to you.

“My friend made my dating profile.”

The person you are chatting with may not be very confident with his or her dating profile skills, so he or she tells a white lie about who created it. This way, when there’s something that you or someone else doesn’t like about the profile, then the “friend” can be blamed.

“I like all kinds of music.”

It’s impossible for one person to like all kinds of music. There has to be a preference. However, you shouldn’t sweat this statement. It could mean that the person you’re chatting with doesn’t really know what type of music they listen to, what particular genre it may be, or he or she might be worried that you’re a music snob.

“I’m new to online dating.”

If someone seems to know his or her way when chatting with you, then maybe he or she is fibbing about being new with dating online. For example, if someone says that he or she is new but the person knows exactly how to send videos, emojis, and so on, then it is definitely a fib. The person may just want a clean slate.

Have You Heard Some The Biggest White Lies On The List Before?

The takeaway here is simple – be careful about who you open yourself up to. The biggest white lies listed may be harmless, but what if the lie being told to you is something bigger? We should all be careful as we explore the internet to find our perfect match. For more safety and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.