Avoid Saying These Lines To Single Women In 2021

Avoid Saying These Lines To Single Women In 2019 | Anastasia Date

As you are meeting new women during this period, it’s important to drop all of your bad dating habits including negging. Single women have become more sensitive and aware, so it’s best not to get on their bad side.

To Single Women, Certain Comments Are No Longer Acceptable

If you really want to be successful at finding dates, you have to stop saying certain lines that single women will absolutely take it as an insult. These lines may not be harmful to you, but you’ll be giving a bad impression when you mention them to the women you’re meeting:

1. Are you still single?

The first few questions that people ask when they meet each other are: “How’s life?”, “How’s work?”, and “Are you still single?” The first two are totally harmless, but the third insinuates that the woman needs to find a partner. How about if she’s taking her time and healing from a heartbreak?

2. You’re being too picky.

You should never say this to any women. We all have standards. It’s good that most of us stick to them. If she is sticking to her principles and waiting patiently for the right guy to come along (and that might be you), who are you to say that she’s being too picky?

3. Aren’t worried about having a family in the future?

Serious relationships are not for everyone. There are those of us that are only dating casually, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. The same goes for marriage and having a family. There are those of us that choose not to get married and have kids.

Be more sensitive as you go about your dating life. One way for you to do this is by practicing awareness. Be more aware of the needs and feelings of single women, and you will do fine. For more online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.