AnastasiaDate – How to Prevent Online Dating Scams

What AnastasiaDate do to prevent Scams

AnastasiaDatejelena - how to prevent online dating scams, the leading online dating platform has built trust and confidence in its members as one of the most secure and reliable international online dating sites.

They have come up with a plan to spread the word on how to prevent online dating scams.

It is AnastasiaDate goal for 2015.

AnastasiaDate’s Chief Communications Officer says that as the leading online dating service it is their responsibility to share their knowledge about how to tackle online fraud and how they ensure their members a secure, reliable and scam free online dating platform.

He mentions that AnastasiaDate has the most advanced anti-scam system in place and now they are reaching out to help others become more knowledgeable. He also says the company is committed to continuously upgrading and bettering their anti-scam technology.

The company has a zero tolerance policy for any form of dating scams. This rigid approach has put them in the leading position in the online dating industry as a site that most protects their members.

Users have called AnastasiaDate the most secure online dating site they know.

Every female member looking to sign up has their identity confirmed before they are accepted on the portal. They all are individually contacted and must undergo several verification processes so the site could be sure that all the information they have produced about themselves is in fact authentic.

This approach takes quite a lot of effort but AnastasiaDate has decided to make sure there are zero shortcuts taken.

The company has put together a professional team to be dealing with suspicious behaviour. They are called the anti-scam team and AnastasiaDate has invested considerable sums of money to make sure the methods they use are effective.

All suspicious interactions will be reported to the team who will conduct a thorough investigation into the issue and detect the root of the problem. Appropriate action will be taken with anyone trying to compromise the members.

These initiatives will continue in 2015. AnastasiaDate is also keeping a very close eye on the developing tools in the field and is ready to move on all options that could better their anti-scam technologies even more.