AnastasiaDate Scam Reveal: How To Recognize Shady People Online

AnastasiaDate Scam helps you recognize fake online people

Dating in the digital world is both simple and very complicated all at once. It is simple because we now have all the necessary tools and equipment to make it work, but it is also hard because, even more so than IRL, deceit is always a possibility. AnastasiaDate Scam shows you the red flags of shady people online.

AnastasiaDate Scam: How To Separate The Online Dating Wheat From The Chaff

In the massive pool of online dating potential, how do you decide if a person is fake or not? Here are some practical and easy ways to recognize a shady person online.

First of all, check out her other social media. If they are too private (like a locked Instagram account or a Facebook profile where practically everything is hidden), it might be a sign they are hiding something – like a boyfriend, maybe?

Then, you should check her profile pictures. If all of them are blurred or if there is only one pic that doesn’t seem very recent, she is probably hiding her face or has given you a false age. If they are all taken from the shoulders up, it might be a sign she’s afraid you’ll reject her for her body. You can ask for more photographs or a full-body photograph after you send one (or more) of yours first. If she still doesn’t want to show you more of hers, there’s something wrong. And it’s best to know before you actually meet her in the flesh, as rejection will be far worse for both of you.

3 months on, you’re still unsure what she does for a living. If you’ve been communicating for some time, but still don’t know that much about her real life, you should be very suspicious. People who are genuine don’t worry so much about sharing real facts about their lives with the person they are online dating.

Another serious red flag is when the communication hours are very limited and bizarre. For example, if she’s spent hours after midnight talking to you, but hasn’t sent one single message through the day, it could be that she is otherwise engaged. And we’re not talking about work commitments.

Also, going silent for big chunks of time with no explanation is a bad sign there might be someone there that she is hiding you from. Or that she’s busy talking to someone else online.

Last, but definitely not least, the mother of all red flags: not wanting to meet in person. If you have spent a considerable amount of time getting to know each other and seem to hit it off great, there’s no real reason to stall. If you have tried to arrange a date in the flesh and she is persistently avoiding it, it’s probably best to confront her about it and waste no more time with her if she doesn’t give you a legit explanation.

At AnastasiaDate we want people to find love, and there’s really no time to waste on phony people that’s why we brought this AnastasiaDate scam reveal to you. Be aware and move on from the shady online people until you find your perfect online match.

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