AnastasiaDate: Men Look For These Different Things In Partners As They Age

AnastasiaDate describes the different traits that attract men as they age.

To live is to evolve, and men are no different when it comes to how they choose their partners with every different decade in their lives. AnastasiaDate reveals the things men look for in a partner with every passing decade in their lives.

AnastasiaDate: The Different Traits Men Seek In Their Partners Over Time

Do you remember the things that excited you about a woman in your 20s? Are they the same things that make you fall in love with a woman today? For most men, tastes and preferences vary as they mature and have more life experiences. AnastasiaDate explains how.

Men In Their 20s

Men in their 20s are mostly led by their hormones and sexual drives, not their mind or hearts. That is not to say 20-somethings don’t fall in love. On the contrary, they fall in love hard. But it’s what they fall in love with they don’t quite understand. Most men in their 20s will focus on a girl’s sex appeal, her appearance taking center stage in their decision to make a relationship. Men in their 20s are inexperienced, immature, and usually low on confidence.  So they will look for a good looking woman as a way to show off to their peers, whose opinion matters a lot to them, and to boost their self-worth. Of course, the faster they fall in love, the faster they fall out of it too.

Men In Their 30s

More often than not, men in their 30s are career-focused. They are still in their sexual prime and will want to have a stunning lay by their side, of course, but they will also want this woman to share their strong ambition and desire to succeed and to be understanding and available when they are.  As they move closer to 40, they start thinking about making a family, so this is when a serious shift takes place.

Men In Their 40s

As men enter the fourth decade of their lives, if they haven’t already formed a family, they will most probably want to do so. This is why they will start looking for a woman who is family-oriented and who will possess the traits and abilities that will not only make her a good lover and partner but an ideal mother too. She will, therefore, need to be compassionate, responsible, and affectionate.

Men In Their 50s

With their family already made, so-called “middle-aged” men will turn their focus back to having fun. Their knowledge of themselves and their experience mean that 50-somethings know what they want out of life and how to get it, so they are not about playing games. They will most probably look for a confident, self-respecting, experienced woman who will also have self-knowledge the be fun-loving. A man who is in the 5th decade of his life will be a loving, dedicated and understanding kind of partner who is not afraid to confidently go after the woman he desires.

At AnastasiaDate, we strongly believe that every decade of our lives is equally important. We should be thankful for every experience and every partner that comes our way (even the ones who hurt us) because they all fill us with wisdom and write interesting pages in the book of our lives.

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