AnastasiaDate: What Men Don’t Understand About Women

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. That’s what they say, right? Well, it’s true. Men and women are so different yet relationships are one of the most natural aspects of life. There will always be things that women won’t understand about men and vice versa, though. Let’s discuss that with AnastasiaDate.

AnastasiaDate: 5 Things Men Just Don’t And Won’t Get About The Female Species

Are you curious about what these things are? This is the right list to read. Whatever you read here could also help you with your current relationship. Without further ado, here’s an AnastasiaDate list of five things men will probably never understand about women:

1. “I’m fine.”

When men ask if women are OK, “I’m fine” is the most common answer. When men hear this, they usually have two interpretations depending on the situation: “She really is ok”, and “I am in deep trouble”. Although men understand how to read between the lines, what they don’t understand is why women say they’re fine when they’re clearly not. The main reason is that women were raised to be feminine, polite, and reserved. Let’s add soft-spoken too.

2. Makeup and Clothes

Why in the world do women take too long to get ready? Well, it’s because women take their time in putting on makeup and in picking what to wear. But do women do it for guys? Surprisingly, no. Women look good for themselves, understand that.

3. That Time Of The Month

Here’s another aspect of womanhood that men will never understand. That time of the month is a bit difficult for women because of the hormones, the cravings, the mood swings, and the like. There’s so much going on. Remember, as a man, what you need to do is to listen and then bring your wife, girlfriend or significant other some chocolate.

4. Shoes, Bags And Makeup Are Addicting

What can we say? Women like all things nice and sparkly. Think of it this way: how you think of basketball, soccer or football is how women view bags, shoes and makeup.

5. Catcalling Is Never Cute And Acceptable

Catcalling has always been viewed as disrespectful. Even though the main purpose of catcalling is innocent admiration, it is never acceptable to a woman.

Study these woman-facts and maybe you’ll have better luck with the female species. Don’t forget to check out more of our AnastasiaDate posts on our blog.