AnastasiaDate Hire More Staff to Increase Member Safety

Member Safety is Important to Us – AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDatemarina - anastasiadate increase staff is uncompromising when it comes to member safety and confidentiality. The company recently hired more staff to their anti-scam team to ensure the the online dating service continues to be secure and safe for all registered users.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple attempts by fraudsters to engage in dishonest activities on many other online dating websites. Anastasia Date is one of the few companies which has maintained a high level of protection from fraudsters due to the strict verification processes and methods which have been put in place to detect and prevent dating scams on their website.

AnastasiaDate is determined to maintain its position as one of the most secure and greatest anti-scam international dating services in the world.

Additional verification staff was hired to keep the online dating service completely secure when dealing with the ongoing threat of online scams. The company is proud to be one of the only international dating websites that offer genuine transparency.

Anastasia Date is also committed to keeping the information of all members completely confidential and secure. has promised to be even more vigilant when it comes to monitoring member verification processes and all online activities. Additional staff was hired to further strengthen their anti-scam measures.

Anastasia Date has already spent millions of dollars up until now to fight online dating scams and invest in exceptional anti-scam technologies. The purpose of this is to provide members with an even safer online dating platform that can be used by dating enthusiasts to find compatible matches online.

The company operates a zero tolerance approach when it comes to international dating online scams. They are uncompromising in protecting the interests and personal information of registered members.

The highly trained staff is responsible for making sure that every single female candidate applying for registration on undergoes a strict verification process to confirm their identity.

Each woman is personally contacted by a member of the AnastasiaDate verification team and a number of steps taken to provide members one of the safest international online dating platforms available today.

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