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You may not realize this now, but it’s quite possible that you may be burnt out from dating. Yes, this type of burnout is as real as stress. Dating burnout, although not very common, can seem like just the usual annoyance brought about by not finding any matches, but it goes deeper than that. helps you understand why this type of burnout is not good for your love life. Why You Need To Do To Overcome Your Dating Burnout

By definition, burnout means “physical or mental collapse caused by stress”. If we take this into the context of dating, it means that a person going through this is tired and is, generally, uninterested to meet new people anymore. Being burnt out from your dating life is persistent. When you’re just plain tired, you can get over it by sleeping the tiredness away. Dating burnout is different, it doesn’t go away with naps.

The mere definition of the term will make you see the bigger picture. Your love life is at steak because dating, whether online or offline, is causing you a lot of stress. And so, biologically, your brain and body shuts down.


As mentioned in the definition, burnouts are caused by stress. In this case, dating is what’s causing your stress. There could be a lot of specific reasons which are more subjective, but generally, you may view dating as time consuming and requires a lot of effort. If you don’t get the desired results you want – for example, get a second date, or have a good time – it becomes a frustrating cycle. You try again, only to get the same result.


Give yourself a breather. The main reason why you are probably stressed when going on dates is because you’re putting pressure on yourself to be the best for your date to like you. That’s not how dating is supposed to work. A change of perspective will be the solution you need. Stop looking at dating as a means for you to catch up with your friends who are happily in relationships. Instead of an “I must find my partner” attitude, go with a “go with the flow” type of thinking.

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