Anastasia Date: Are You Her Fling? Signs That Point To Yes

Anastasia Date: Are You Her Fling? Signs That Point To Yes | Anastasia Dating Tips

New love is great and all, but the problem that most of us face when we encounter a new love is uncertainty. When you are active in today’s dating scene, you know exactly what we mean – could your new love just be a fling or is it something that will last for years to come? Anastasia Date answers this question in today’s article.

Anastasia Date: Let’s Talk About Flings

With the advent of new ways of dating, more specifically online dating, we are presented with options to meet new people. In fact, even if you’re dating offline, the mere fact that we have all these options that allow us to meet people, almost, everyday, raises the question: is this person really into me or am I just a fling?

How To Tell If You’re Just A Fling

Anastasia Date did some digging and found the following signs that should help you identify whether you’re dating someone serious or someone who’s just after a quick hookup:

1) Dates are scarce.

Have you ever experienced your online date or offline date disappearing for days or, worse, weeks, without you knowing where this person is? If you’re answer is yes, you’re right to raise your eyebrow. With your date popping up every now and then, with several days in between chats or meetings, you need to question whether there is a relationship in the first place.

2) Commitment does not come up.

Commonly, when you’re dating someone, you are inclined to call that person your girlfriend or boyfriend. If the relationship has not been defined, or your date refuses to define your relationship, he or she might not want to be committed.

3) Last minute plans.

Imagine this scenario: you just got home from work, then all of a sudden, your date texts you or chats with you, demanding to see you. Well, that was abrupt. If all of your dates, whether online or offline, feel spontaneous, abrupt or unplanned, you might just be this person’s plan B.

Do us a favor, head for the hills if you spot any of these signs with your, so-called, new love. It’s not worth it and you’ll just end up being hurt. There are better people for you out there so don’t give up on dating yet, despite your bad experiences. For more dating and online safety tips, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.