How AnastasiaDate Protects its Clients

A Brief look at AnastasiaDate’s Anti-Scam Policy

One important requirement that a good dating website must have is a solid anti-scam policy that will protect its clients from being taken advantage of. Anastasia Date has one such policy and we’re going to take a closer look at how this website ensures the safety of its clients.

Safety Tips Provided

If you visit, you’ll be able to find safety tips that you should follow in order to protect yourself from scammers in general. The great thing is that these tips could also be applied when you go for the services of other dating websites or dating forums so it’s beneficial to know and understand each one:

1. Never send any money to a lady. – (The cardinal rule of online dating.)
2. Arrange dates through AnastasiaDate’s “Date Me” service.
3. Exchange contact information with the lady through the “Call Me” service.
4. Once in a while, conduct video chats with your lady in order to validate her identity even more.

Scam VS Not Scam

The website also states the differences between a scam and a misinterpreted situation. This definitely shows the level of experience that AnastasiaDate has when it comes to dealing with dubious elements. They recognize that most people tend to have high expectations when it comes to the security of dating websites but the truth is, there are situations that you cannot control. So, the company took it upon themselves to inform their clients between the differences:

  1. The agency makes a mistake in the translation of the letter. – Not a scam.
  2. If a lady corresponds with you for a long time and then refuses to meet without their “Date Me” service. – Not a scam as the lady might just want to feel safe.
  3. If a lady doesn’t answer all questions in an email. – Not a scam. It is a lady’s prerogative.
  4. If after meeting with customer, the lady says she is not interested. – Also not a scam. Would you still continue to see someone if it’s you who is not interested? Would it be alright to call you a scammer if you decline?
  5. If a lady has photos of her relatives, male friends, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband and other personal info posted on any social network. – Also not a scam. Again, it is the lady’s prerogative.
  6. If a lady wears rings on fingers. Wearing rings in Slavic countries does not mean a woman is married, regardless of which finger it is on. – Also not a scam. It’s a cultural thing. Relax!

Reimbursement Policy

Aside from the tips that Anastasia Date has given, you’ll also be able to read their reimbursement policy that basically tells you that you’re going to be reimbursed for the credits that you spent while communicating with a lady who:

  1. Misidentifies herself
  2. Requests money – She will also be banned from the website.
  3. Misrepresents details in her profile
  4. Refuses to meet with you through the Date Me Service after 5 letters

Client Safety is a Priority

So, as you can see, you have nothing to worry about when signing up to the website. The AnastasiaDate scam prevention policy makes the safety of their clients a priority and anyone can appreciate the fact that they are consistent about it.