Ukrainian Women Culture: Learn About The Right And Wrong In Ukraine

Ukrainian women culture explained.

Are you preparing for a trip to Ukraine or have just met a beautiful Ukrainian lady you want to impress? It is vital that you learn as much as possible about Ukrainian traditions and the Ukrainian women culture. Look no further, we have the answers.

All You Need To Know About Ukrainian Women Culture And Etiquette

With a population of over 45 million people, Ukraine can hardly be called a small country. Ukrainian traditions and customs vary by region, with two basic parts of Ukraine: the East and the West. In the West part of the country, people speak Ukrainian exclusively, whereas in the East they prefer Russian. Generally speaking, the West is more Europe-oriented, while the East is more closely aligned with Russia.

Ukrainian People’s Personality

As a rule, Ukrainians are genuine people who don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their feelings. For instance, while in the USA strangers will smile at you as a way to be polite and friendly, in Ukraine smiles are reserved for cases where there is something to really smile about. It’s not that they are impolite people; they just have a more honest approach to their relationships and the way they express themselves.

Personal Style

Ukrainians don’t like to stand out because of their dressing sense. Parents tend to teach their offspring to be “like everyone else” and individualism is not encouraged as it is in the West. So, their dressing sense is usually very similar, especially when it comes to men, who tend to wear a lot of gray and dark colors to fit in with everyone else.

Approaching A Ukrainian Woman

In Ukraine, men will often strike up conversations with women on the street or anywhere else they like. A guy may approach a girl sitting on a bench and simply start a flirty conversation, and see where it leads. Men could be perceived as weird for doing this in other countries, but in Ukraine, it’s absolutely normal and expected. Sometimes ladies act cold in the beginning, but it’s up to the guy to make them warm up by being politely persistent and charming. If you’re lucky, you may end up taking the girl’s phone number or even arranging a date on the spot.

Dating A Ukrainian Woman

In Ukraine, men are expected to be cordial and chivalrous towards women. They should always open doors, offer their seat to pregnant women or women with children, help them put their coat on or take it off, help them carry heavy bags, light up their cigarettes, etc.

If you invite them on a date, it goes without saying that you will also be the one to pick up the tab. The concept of “going Dutch” is totally unacceptable in Ukraine. If you ask a woman to pay or to split the bill, it’s a form of insult and there is zero chance of success on your date.

On a date with a Ukrainian woman, you should be skilled at flirting. In the Ukrainian women culture, it’s considered inappropriate for a man to shake a lady’s hand. Instead, it is recommended that he either kiss her on the cheek or make no physical contact at all.

Drinking  And Hanging Out In Ukraine

When it comes to drinking, be prepared to do a lot of it in Ukraine. With vodka being the king of alcoholic drinks and cognac coming as a close second, the Ukrainian way of drinking is to do shots throughout the evening, making toasts and consuming finger food.

If you find yourself in a Ukrainian celebration, you should know that not drinking at all at events can be interpreted as disrespectful. If you’re not a drinker, it is probably better to say that you’re allergic to alcohol – Ukrainians might not understand how it is possible for a person not to like alcohol. If you are invited over to a Ukrainian home, it is customary to bring a small gift. You can bring a bottle of wine or champagne. If you bring flowers, make sure it is an odd number.

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