Romance Tours with AnastasiaDate’s – Online Dating Tips

Romance Tours with AnastasiaDate's - Online Dating TipsHow to make your visit a success

If you’ve decided to take your online dating experience to a whole new level, you might be considering visiting Ukraine or Russia with AnastasiaDate’s Romance Tours. If you’re not familiar with this service, the main thing to know is that these trips are organized by the company and include everything from flights to airport transfers and from accommodation to daily meals. Socials are the most important part of your trip as these will give you the chance to meet singles from a specific area. To ensure your trip abroad is a success, here is some dating advice to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Drop the cocky attitude.

European women do not buy into the whole “I am the bomb” attitude. Instead, a more naturally confident approach is preferred. Your mood should be playful and chilled out and your body language should project the same thing. Just relax and try to be natural and nonchalant about it.

Tip #2: Eye contact.

When talking to a female from Europe, be sure to maintain eye contact. It’s important and it shows that you are paying attention.

Tip #3: Smile.

It’s always a plus to just smile when approaching. Since we are talking about meeting Russian and Ukrainian women at socials where there may be other eligible bachelors, you’d have to project your confidence with your body language and that includes sporting a smile on your face.

Tip #4: Tell them why you’re in Europe.

Here’s a good topics that you can talk about when you’re already “in”. Tell the woman why you are in Europe and how many days you are staying for. After that, you can just play it by ear, making sure that you pay attention and you keep her engaged by asking a few questions about her and the area that you’re staying in now.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to ask them to show you around.

The truth is, if you’re confident enough and the lady seems interested in you, feel free to ask her to show you around. You’ll be surprised at how happy she will be to do so! It’ll be like a day date and you can follow with asking her out for dinner. She could say no, but if you’ve been chatting up a storm with her then the most probable answer is YES.

Tip #6: While talking, don’t forget to share a bit of your life (and culture) in your home-country.

It should be a give and take scenario. It’ll totally be one sided if you let her do all of the talking. She’s surely interested in hearing about your culture and your life back in your home country. Talk to her about the area that you live in, what you usually do during summer or winter season, etc.

The Ultimate Key

The ultimate key to a successful Romance Tours in Ukraine or Russia is the attitude you portray. Don’t be sloppy, don’t be cocky, and don’t be rude. Just be yourself and be comfortable with what you are doing. Having a natural attitude is always better than acting out a premeditated scheme to try to befriend someone.

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