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AnastasiaDate Scam: The Phases Of A Dating Scam

AnastasiaDate Scam: The Phases Of A Dating Scam

There are plenty of online scams that we need to protect ourselves from. This is why it’s so important to always be alert when we are checking our email or messenger, and when we are online dating. We should always look out for red flags, follow our gut, and continue to educate ourselves with reviews. In fact, you’ll find plenty of articles that might be helpful on this AnastasiaDate Scam blog.

Learn About The Phases Of A Scam With These AnastasiaDate Scam Tips

To further enhance our knowledge of how scams work, we need to learn about its different phases. Initially, one might think that scamming a person is a 10-step process. However, surprisingly, it only takes three steps: read more

Anastasia Scam: Be Aware Of A Meta-Scam

Anastasia Scam: Be Aware Of A Meta-Scam

Probably, not a lot of us know what a meta-scam is. It’s basically a message or, more commonly, an email that tells you good things, pretending it is not a scam when it actually is. You’ve probably had your share of these emails, but you just didn’t know that these were already meta-scams. If you’re on the Anastasia Date, you don’t have to worry because you are protected by the Anastasia Scam Policy, but it’s when you are on your own there is a concern. How do you protect yourself from scams like this? read more

If You Want To Date Women Successfully, Avoid These Deal Breakers

If You Want To Date Women Successfully, Avoid These Deal Breakers | Anastasia Date

To date women successfully is something that comes easily to most men. To others, however, it is a feat that resembles the labors of a Greek Mythological tale. Not everyone has the skills to attract women, meet the right match, and then date until the relationship becomes official. What do most men know that others don’t?

The Fundamentals Of How To Date Women Successfully

Of course, everyone wants to know what the secret is. Every man reading this now wants to know different techniques – tips and tricks, if you will – to seem more attractive to the opposite gender. To tell you the truth, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You just need to mast the fundamentals: read more

Scientific Cognitive Strategies To Get Over Your Ex

Scientific Cognitive Strategies To Get Over Your Ex | Anastasia Date

Most of the time, we feel that getting over heartbreak is such a difficult thing to do. Who can blame us? The pain is, sometimes, unbearable. Despite the pain we feel, we need to remember that we can get over it. We just need to make use of cognitive strategies to help us.

Cognitive Strategies To Help Us Move On & Heal From The Pain

We can always trust science to help us out. With different cognitive strategies that are easy to follow, we can train our mind to get over the heartbreak that we are currently feeling:

1. Negative Reassessment

Doing this will allow you to see your ex in a more negative light. When our heart is aching, we always seem to reminisce about the good times. We should stop this immediately. What has your ex done to you that hurt you so badly? What was the reason behind your break up? And, ask yourself, do you think that you will be better off still being in a relationship with all the negative things he or she has done? read more

Is It Wedding Day Jitters Or A Marriage Red Flag?

Is It Wedding Day Jitters Or A Marriage Red Flag | Anastasia Date

Almost all brides and grooms experience some nervousness before the wedding one of the biggest days anyone can have in their life. All eyes will be on the bride, and the groom will definitely feel overwhelmed. Among all the emotions that one can experience, wedding day jitters are so to be one of those feelings. But, how will you know if it’s just your nerves or a real marriage red flag?

How To Spot A Marriage Red Flag

With all the scurrying for the wedding preparations, sit down, think, and assess your heart. What is really bothering you? Is it just the checklist, the suppliers, or your wedding ensemble? If you say yes to all of these questions, then it’s just pre-wedding jitters. However, if you think the reason is any of the items on the list below, it could be a marriage red flag: read more