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Relationship Threats That You Should Be Dealing With

Relationship Threats That You Should Be Dealing With | Anastasia Date

With the person that you are currently dating, can identify relationship threats that are present in your partnership? The truth is, most couples won’t be able to do this because of a number of factors. The most common one is the lack of awareness. One or both people in the relationship don’t even know what they have done wrong.

Identifying The Most Common Relationship Threats

Of course, relationship threats won’t exist if two people are putting in the necessary effort to give their relationship the best chance. So, among everything that you are thinking of, try identifying the following relationship threats: read more

This Biggest White Lies Told Via Chat

This Biggest White Lies Told Via Chat | Anastasia Date

Everybody tells white lies, don’t they? They’re pretty common when it comes to online dating. It may be because it’s so easy to reinvent one’s self online since there’s no accountability to anyone. Unless your date double checks the facts that you tell him or her, then you are what you say you are. It kind of makes you wonder about the biggest white lies told when dating online.

These Are The Biggest White Lies We Always Fall For

You may be wondering why you would need to bother with the biggest white lies that people might tell you online. Well, it’s true that white lies don’t really hurt anyone but it’s interesting to know that it’s possible for people to misrepresent themselves when they are chatting to you. read more

Have You Ever Been Career-Zoned?

Have You Ever Been Career-Zoned | Anastasia Date

We meet so many people as we are dating online or in real life. Despite the number of people we say hello to, they won’t always be interested in us romantically. Some just see us as friends. And, there are even those that see us as a potential connection for work. Does being career-zoned ring a bell?

What To Know About Being Career-Zoned

When you are dating actively, you have to be prepared for anything that’s thrown at you. There will be people who will deceive you or will misrepresent themselves. There might also be those who are more willing to be in your network because you will benefit their career or they see you as being a good contact person for their company in the future. read more

How To Protect Yourself Online While On Dating Sites And Apps

How To Protect Yourself Online While On Dating Sites And Apps | Anastasia Date

One of the main issues of being on a dating site and app is that you’re going to have to protect yourself online, and that includes your information. Not all of the people you meet will have the best intentions towards you, so it’s always good to be safe than be sorry when it comes to being on dating sites and apps.

Use Common Sense To Protect Yourself Online On Dating Sites & Apps

Here’s what a lot of people don’t realize: if you want to remain safe while you are dating online, you have to allow your common sense to take over. Yes, it may sound very simple, but common sense is actually all one needs to be safe online. So, how can you apply your common sense when you are dating through the internet? read more

Manipulative Dating Games You Should Watch Out For

Manipulative Dating Games You Should Watch Out For

It’s sad to think that there are a lot of online and offline daters who play manipulative dating games so they can toy with the emotions of others. They sour the experience for everyone else who is truly set on finding the right person, whether through online dating, app dating, or dating in real life.

Never Fall For These Manipulative Dating Games

As you are dating, you should also be protecting yourself from those who have questionable intentions. For you to do this, you have to be aware of different manipulative dating games so you can easily remove yourself from unfavorable situations: read more