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New Relationship Red Flags You Should Be Aware Of

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New relationships are supposed to be all about basking in the presence of the new person in your life. However, as we do this, we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in it so we maintain our vision of reality. Because we are so distracted with the one we love that we don’t even see that there might be new relationship red flags to watch out for.

You Might Be Mismatched If You See These New Relationship Red Flags

In most cases, every new relationship is blissful. There’s nothing wrong with that if you and your date are a good match. But, if the situation is otherwise, you might be allowing the honeymoon phase to get to you too much. For instance, try if you can spot the following new relationship red flags: read more

This Is Why Your Girlfriend Is Having Frequent Mood Swings

This Is Why Your Girlfriend Is Having Frequent Mood Swings | Anastasia Date

Usually, when your girlfriend is in a bad mood, what do you do? Do you try to calm her down with food, do you give her a neck rub or none of the above? Normally, a man doesn’t know what to do during his girlfriend’s mood swings. In most cases, the man simply brushes it off, which is a bad mood. The least that you can do is understand where your girlfriend is coming from or why she’s having frequent mood swings.

You Want To Know How To Handle Her Mood Swing? Understand Why She’s Feeling This Way

As men, we attribute a woman’s mood swings to her hormones. It could be true because hormones do cause mood swings in women, but it is not always the case. There could be other reasons why your partner is feeling down. For example:

1. She’s having a bad day.

Everyone has bad days, even you. Your girlfriend is not exempted from negative or unfortunate circumstances. She might have had a busy day at work, her boss might have been on her back, or she could have lost her wallet on the train ride back to her place. It can get very frustrating if everything bad seems to happen to you within the day, so just let her breathe.

2. She did not sleep well.

One good reason why your girlfriend is having mood swings is the lack of sleep. She may not have slept well at all. In fact, it’s possible that she may not have slept well in the past few days. In this case, it’s important to maintain a relaxed environment. Try to stir away from arguments by disregarding her outbursts.

3. She’s feeling so much stress.

Recurring stress is never good for the body. Whether her stress is caused by not getting enough sleep or a series of misfortunes, you have to understand that your girlfriend isn’t perfect. She will be affected by stress from time to time, and this should be understandable. Don’t get upset too because she’s moody.

As you can see, there are other causes of frequent mood swings, not just hormones. So, what now? Since you already know some of the possible causes of your girlfriend’s mood swings, what you can do is make it easier for her to relax. Yes, you can do this with food, but the most effective way to relieve all of this is by listening. Take a moment of your time to be mentally and emotionally present for her, and she will be happy. For more tips about relationships, read other posts on the blog.

The Emojis To Never Use In Online Dating

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Who doesn’t love emojis? They are fun, they are cute and they help us show our prospective partner that we are just kidding when we say we’d be willing to kill a person for a nice glass of merlot. We can rely on them to express what written speech can’t, and we love how we can use all of them freely and lightly both in friendly chats and in online dating, right? Wrong.

In Online Dating You Need To Avoid These Emojis Like The Plague

Even though emojis are now an integral part of our online communication, enriching our experience and helping us to express ourselves better, some of them are best avoided in online dating. Find out which ones you shouldn’t be using, as they can be reasons for offense and major turn-offs.


Can we be completely honest here? There must be 1 or 2 people around the world who have ever used the eggplant emoji literally. Probably a chef asking someone to buy some in order to make moussaka, and me asking my mum to make me ratatouille. Other than that, it’s been widely used as a phallic symbol that is very likely to cause offense and send out the wrong signals, unless you are having that sort of chat.


The second naughtiest emoji out there, the otherwise innocuous and delicious summer fruit has been directly linked with a lady’s derriere, for obvious reasons. In fact, Emojipedia took a random sample of real time, English-language tweets using the peach emoji and it analyzed them. Within 12 hours, Emojipedia collected 1,618 tweets and subsequently removed retweets to get a dataset of 571 tweets. From these, it was found that “like”, “a*s”, “peach”, “badgirl”, and “booty” were the top 5 words in tweets featuring said emoji. Need we say more?


Unless you have been online dating with a girl for some time, the kiss-blowing emoji might come out us lame and creepy, so you need to use it with caution and not hurry into it.


Could be cheeky and fun when used in moderation or silly and annoying if used a lot. Do you want a lady to take you seriously or do you want to look like a fool? Just imagine if you kept winking as you flirted with a girl IRL.


Even worse than the winking face is the ridiculous winking face with the stuck-out tongue. Who would wink and stick their tongue out all at once? It’s all a bit too much, isn’t it?


Nothing screams “sleazeball” harder than the smirking face emoji. Most ladies are put off by it, as it either followed by some dirty remark, or it follows one. Tellingly, Emojipedia describes it as follows: “A sly smile often used with a sexual, or smug connotation. On Snapchat, this emoji next to a contact denotes that this person snaps you frequently, but you do not frequently snap them in return.” There must be a reason.

So, even though the cute little faces and innocent fruit and vegetables on our computer and mobile phones may seem harmless, have you ever thought that they could be the reason why you fail to get a positive response in online dating?

Did you find our article fun and helpful? You can find more online dating tips here. For the chance to meet and chat with some of the most fabulous Eastern European women, visit AnastasiaDate today. Download our date and chat app and put our advice into practice.

Make Your Boring Relationship More Fun With These Easy Tips

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After some time of being together, a couple can get too familiar with each other. The tendency is to take each other for granted. The spark dies down and the two people who were once passionately involved find themselves stuck in a boring relationship. Not to worry, though, if you have found yourself in this situation because there’s always something you can do to turn things around.

Turn Your Boring Relationship Around Quickly

You have the power to turn things around for the better and, once again, find yourselves having the best time of your lives. If your partner doesn’t do anything, take the lead. If you do so, there is hope that he or she will follow your footsteps and eventually become in sync. If you two keep on waiting for one another to do something, it might be too late. So here are some easy tips you can follow to turn your boring relationship into something more fun: read more

Women Think That This Is The Biggest Chatting Red Flag

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While dating online, potential couples find it easy to chat with each other. It’s a very convenient way to exchange messages since you can send and receive them in real-time. However, chatting is always subject to misinterpretation because messages are delivered via short texts. Even if we are careful with our words, it’s still possible to make the biggest chatting red flag that will turn any woman off.

Many Of Us Are Guilty Of This Biggest Chatting Red Flag Without Realizing It

Surprisingly, the biggest chatting red flag isn’t annoying messages but impatience. Women absolutely do not want for you to bombard them with messages every day. To avoid this chatting red flag, manage your chatting life properly. Here are some tips on how you could have a healthy chat with a woman you are really into: read more