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Methods To Prevent Identity Theft When Online Dating

Methods to Prevent Identity Theft When Online Dating | AnastasiaDate Scams

Online dating is a fun and effective way to meet new people. It’s made dating more interesting and convenient, which is why a lot of people dive into it with a care-free spirit. That’s not really something to frown upon, but we disregard our online safety in our excitement. We need to keep a good eye out to prevent identity theft and protect all of our information.

Safety Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

First off, let’s acknowledge that there are websites that handle your security for you, AnastasiaDate being one of them. Most dating sites, the top ones at least, are aware of the dangers online daters face, and for them to provide the best service, they develop their security so their members feel safe. On the other hand, there are also dating sites that don’t really care about safety, and so, what if you’ve signed up to one of these sites? read more

Yes, Your Taste Changes When You’re In Love, And This Is How

in love AnastasiaDate

You’re in love, everything seems different. The sky seems brighter, you’re always in a happy mood, and everything in the world just seems to be in their right places. But, our mood and perspective aren’t the only ones that are affected when we are in love or in a relationship.

Have You Noticed Food Tastes Different When You’re In Love?

Believe it or not, your preference in food or your taste in flavors change when you are in a relationship. This is according to the results of a research done in Poland and Germany. The researchers looked at 100 couples who had been together from 3 months to 45 years. The smell and taste preferences of the couple participants were tested.

They found that the longer a couple had been together, the more likely they were to have the same preferences in smell and taste. How satisfied the couples were in their relationships did not affect this result at all.

Why Do Our Tastes Change?

The research was inconclusive. Those who discovered this phenomenon weren’t able to pinpoint an exact reason why our taste buds seem to adapt to those of our partner’s or vice versa. There was past research, however, suggesting that the reason may be because of our co-habitation with the person we’re in love with. When a couple is, co-habituating they tend to be exposed to similar stimuli, not just talking about flavors.

It was also suggested that the reason behind the similar gastronomic preferences is biological. Because you and your partner have similar gustatory and olfactory translation, it could mean that you are compatible.

It’s very interesting how our bodies respond to us being in love. For all we know, it’s not just taste, mood and perception that’s changing in us when we’re in love. Science will provide us the answer to other things our body changes when we are in this state.

Whatever the case, when you’re in love, life seems to become a little better. For more interesting posts you can find useful when you’re in love, check out more of our blog.

Online Dating For Introverts Is Perfect, Here’s Why

Dating For Introverts AnastasiaDate

Introverts are people who not very social. They focus more on how they feel instead of focusing on external factors. If you are an introvert, it’s likely that dating has been hard for you because you have to go out, meet people, and spend a bit of time with them (even if you’re uncomfortable doing so). What we suggest is for you to meet people online. Online dating for introverts is perfect for a number of reasons.

Why Online Dating For Introverts Is Ideal

Since introverts don’t often like to socialize with people, the best approach to dating would be through the online world. Besides, online dating today is widely accepted. Practically everyone has one or two dating apps as well as dating profiles. To convince you more that online dating for introverts is ideal, here are some more reasons:

1. It’s Easy

You can get started even as you read this article. Most online dating sites have a quick sign up process and so do mobile dating apps. It’s easy and the sign up itself won’t take you 3 minutes. Completing your profile is another story, but you can basically start as early as now.

2. Unconventional Terms

Let’s be honest. We all have our preferences. If you only want to date Christians, then it is definitely doable. If it’s just European women that you want to meet, you can signup to specialized sites like Anastasia Date.

3. Rejections Are Not Too Bad

As with any form of dating, there will always be rejections. But, online rejection is better than being rejected in public, right?

4. Time-Saver

Online dating for introverts works because it saves time. The introverted person doesn’t have to go out to meet people, he or she doesn’t even have to dress up. All that’s required is an internet connection.

5. Dating Pool

When you’re dating in a more traditional way, you would have to go out every night so that you can meet different people. With online dating, you don’t have to go out every night because there’s already an available pool of people in any dating site you sign up to.

The bottom line is that introverts need to give online dating a try. The awkwardness is mostly eliminated because most of the interactions will be online. It’s, then, up to the introvert to choose the person he or she would like to meet in real life. For more online dating tips, check out more posts from our blog.

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

What NOT To Do When Your Girlfriend Wants Space | Anastasia Date

If your girlfriend wants space, don’t make a big deal out of it. To most men, the words, “I need some space” translates to trouble and, eventually, a breakup. It’s not always the case, keep this in mind. Most men automatically panic and do things they shouldn’t be doing when their girlfriend wants space.

NEVER Do The Things On This List When Your Girlfriend Wants Space

It’s understandable for you to be concerned when your girlfriend is asking for some time off from your relationship. She could be struggling with something that she doesn’t want to tell you about. Or, she could just be really tired about everything that she’s doing. It’s also possible that she feels that you might be acting clingy. There are a number of possibilities. Whatever the reason is, you should never do the following:

1. Demand An Explanation

It’s absolutely necessary that your girl give you an explanation as to why she needs space. However, you should never demand an explanation from her. Simply wait for her to explain what she’s going through.

2. Don’t Attempt To Impress Her

When your girlfriend wants space, she could be needing a break from you. You do not want to aggravate what she’s feeling by trying to impress her by doing everything for her. Give her a bit of distance since that’s what she’s asking for.

3. Stop Bombarding Her With Messages

You might feel like you have to make up for what you thought you did wrong. As a result, you might text your girlfriend constantly to see how she’s doing. You should stop. Just let your girlfriend be.

How To Deal With Your Own Feelings Of Worry

Give your girlfriend whatever she is asking for. If she’s asking for a few days away from you, give it to her. You cannot do anything about what she’s feeling right now. Just wait. However, when she returns, you need to have a one-on-one talk with her discussing what went wrong and why she needed the space in the first place. Apologize if you were at fault. Make sure that you discuss how to avoid something like this from happening in the near future.

For more tips about improving relationships, read more articles from our blog.

The Right Time To Ask About Taking Down A Dating Profile

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When is the right time to ask your date to take down his or her dating profile? How would you know if your relationship is at a point where you are actually allowed to ask? A lot of us have been wondering, it’s not just you. If you ask these questions too early, there’s a good chance that your potential partner will run for the hills. But, if you avoid talking about it, the question will just be at the back of your mind, still yearning to be answered.

How To Have The “Take Down Your Dating Profile” Conversation Smoothly

First off, it’s understandable for you to want to have this conversation right off the bat. If the person you’re dating appears to be Mr or Ms Fantastic, then you’re going to want to “seal the deal” and be in an exclusive relationship with this person. However, don’t rush having this talk yet. Be patient and do the following:

1. Get To Know The Person

You’ll need to get to know the person first. Most of the time, when we are really into the person we’ve met online, we tend to see only the good side of this person. Give yourself time to discover who this person is at a deeper level so when the right time comes to have “the talk”, you’ll know that this person is right for you.

2. Assess Yourself

It’s not just the other person that you need to get to know. On your part, you also have to assess yourself. If you’re dreading the conversation of taking down dating profiles, then you could be fearing rejection, or you may a fear of missing out. Knowing why you may be avoiding the question, or hesitant to ask it, could help you deal with your own issues that might get in the way of your possible romantic relationship.

3. Ask and Discuss

The time is right to ask and discuss the question of taking down dating profiles when you know that this person is a good partner, you have no more fear that this person will reject you after asking the question, and you’re ready to take down your own dating profile yourself without hesitation. Ask, flat out, so you’ll get a straight answer.

This may be a difficult topic to talk about, at first, but when you are your partner are comfortable with sharing your thoughts and feelings to one another, it’s a good sign. It means that you are on the same page, and that the relationship could actually have a bright future. If you need more dating and relationship tips, check out more posts from our blog.