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Obvious Turn-Offs That Men Don’t Get While On Dating Apps

While On Dating Apps | Anastasia Date

While on dating apps, it’s absolutely important that men understand different factors that turn women off. Of course, the basics apply. For example, if you’re rude or a jerk, then that’s going to be a big red flag for women you meet on dating apps. But, how about less obvious turn-offs?

While On Dating Apps, Avoid Doing These On Your Dating Profile

Of course, you’d want to present yourself in the best light, but when you boast about yourself too much, you can send the wrong message to the ladies. For example, you would think that the following are harmless, but they’re actually pretty annoying to females who could be your potential dates: read more

Are You In An Asymmetrical Relationship? You Need To Know Fast

Are You In An Asymmetrical Relationship? You Need To Know And Fast | Anastasia Date

It doesn’t matter if you are with the most beautiful person in the world. If you are in an asymmetrical relationship, then you might end up heartbroken. Not a lot of people know what this type of relationship is, but it’s actually something that occurs often. Yes, a lot of people are in an asymmetrical relationship without even knowing it.

An Asymmetrical Relationship Means That You’re The Only One Doing The Work

The complete name for this type of relationship is Asymmetrically Committed Relationship (ACR). When you are in one, it means that you’re more invested than your partner. Your commitment levels are not equal, resulting in a relationship that feels unfair.

How Do You Know That You Are In An Asymmetrical Relationship?

First off, the feeling that we get about our partner being unfair is subjective. It could be based on facts or it couldn’t. For us to know for sure, we need to watch out for the following signs:

1. Power Over You

Have you ever noticed that your partner is always asking you for favors and you happily oblige? Then he or she must have a power over you. Whether through manipulation or force, your partner finds a way for everything to be in his or her favor.

2. You Cannot Remember The Last Time Your Partner Did Something Nice For You

Although you do so many things for your partner, you cannot remember the last time they did the same for you. If you’re second guessing this thought, maybe you do have a bad memory. However, when you’re sure that you’re the one always doing the work and the favors, it’s time to reassess your relationship.

3. Anniversaries (And Other Important Dates) Are Not A Big Deal

To you, the date of the day you had your first date is significant. Your partner, however, doesn’t really find it important. Yes, not all of us are good with dates, but it’s impossible for a couple to forget about all of the important times in your relationship whether you celebrate each one or not.

When you spot all of these signs, you can do two things. One, you can talk to your partner about changing some things in your relationship. Two, you can decide to move on. Whatever you decide, be sure that you are thinking about yourself first. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.

Your Relationship Survival Is High When You Spot These Characteristics

Your Relationship Survival Is High When You Spot These Characteristics | Anastasia Date

All relationships, whether it’s dating or marriage, are bound to have rough patches. These are seasons of trials in our lives. Only one person could be experiencing a hard time but it doesn’t mean that the partner won’t be affected at all. The relationship survival, then, depends on the partners’ attitude and behavior towards the obstacles that they are facing.

How Can We Improve Our Relationship Survival Rate?

We are all survivors of mishaps that have happened in our lives. If we can survive our toughest personal challenges, we can definitely do more so with our partner. Two people are stronger than one. On that note, there are certain traits or characteristics that will help increase your chances of relationship survival:

Active Optimism

People who are optimistic in whatever situation are like harnessing the power of self-fulfilling prophecy. Their hope that things will work out for good is contagious and can really make a difference in facing a difficult situation. It seems, when you are with an optimistic person, something is not as hard as it appears to be.

Honesty And Integrity

These things are self-explanatory. An honest partner will help you know that whatever happens, he or she won’t cheat on you or leave you hanging. Your partner will also be able to express what the problem is with all honesty.

Accepting Responsibility For One’s Actions And The Willingness to Forgive

It is so hard to have a partner who is not willing to accept responsibility. He or she will put all the blame on you. Such one-sided relationship will take its toll. Inversely, if you’re with a partner who takes responsibility for his or her actions, you are with a person who is also willing to admit his or her mistake.


Having tenacity is having such uncommon perseverance to stubbornness. But, this is especially good in the face of challenges. This means that your partner is willing to go through the tough times and not retreat when you need them the most.


Self-control with anything is good. It is a trait that is very hard to master, but when you find it in somebody, you have found a gem. It refers to your or your partner’s ability to control impulses and to delay gratification.

Interpersonal Connection

It is always important for people to maintain connected outside of the relationship. A very exclusive relationship that does not include family or friends is bound to fail because there is no support system.

How many traits or characteristics do you see in your own relationship? Share this post if you found it helpful and don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog for more tips on love and online dating.

How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Better Dating Life

How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Better Dating Life | Anastasia Date

Can you say that you have been mindful in your dating life? Or, have you just been winging it in your relationships or every time you meet someone new? There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow. But, if you practice mindfulness, you’ll probably have a much better dating life.

Practical Ways To Be mindful To Achieve A Better Dating Life

Being mindful simply means that you are conscious or aware of something. If you’re always distracted by your phone or your social media, then you’re going to have a hard time practicing mindfulness. Learn to focus, first of all. If your partner needs your attention, then focus all of your energy on just that. When you have already worked on your focus, try the following tips: read more

The Best Ways To Avoid Affairs

avoid affairs

Nobody wants a relationship that is susceptible to affairs. However, as much as we want to avoid affairs, we usually neglect certain aspects of our relationship that can prevent the dreaded incident from happening. What exactly do we neglect and is it really possible to prevent cheating in our relationships?

Avoid Affairs By Doing These Tips

The answer is yes. Affairs can be avoided, but you really have to work on your bond as a couple. You also have to work on the way you approach conflict as well as your communication skills.To do all of these, try out the following tips:

1. Deal With Negative Emotions Appropriately

You need to remember that you cannot stop your emotions from bubbling up. If anger is knocking at your door, you have no choice but to answer. However, you can choose how you answer your anger. This is the key to dealing with your negative emotions. Commonly, taking a step back and taking some time to calm down is the best approach.

2. Be Open To Talk About Painful Topics

Nobody wants to talk about their sins. But, if you want your relationship to be affair-proof, you need to do it. Cheating is a hard topic to discuss, but you have to deal with the pain. Talk about the topic as if it were talking about your day. Keep your emotions at bay as much as possible.

3. Attention Refocusing

The people who stray from their relationships are those who are, commonly, unsatisfied. To avoid this, you have to focus your attention on the attraction that you have with your partner. If you find yourself thinking about another person, stop and then send a loving message to the person you’re with.

4. Forgiveness

As you know, there are plenty of things that need forgiveness when you are in a relationship. For example, forgetting an anniversary, not being able to go to your child’s soccer game, and so on. When this happens, instead of focusing on the fault, focus on forgiveness and trust. Trust that your partner will not do the same offense again.

5. Realistic Expectations

Sometimes, we have to re-calibrate the expectations that we have of our partner. We have to admit that some of them are too high. For example, expecting a busy partner to do a spectacular surprise for you on your birthday. It may happen but the chances are around 1 to 10. Be realistic about what you want your partner to do.

Practice all five tips and you’ll be sure to avoid affairs, strengthen your relationship, and connect with your partner deeper than ever. We have more tips for you to read on our blog.