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Relationship Labels: Are You Hooking Up, Dating, Or Having A Relationship?

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What constitutes a full-blown relationship? What is the difference between a situationship and simply dating? Is a hook-up a potential relationship, or is it just a fleeting romance? How have our relationships become so complicated that even defining them is hard these days? We help you make heads or tails of whatever it is you have by helping you put your own relationship labels.

Why Relationship Labels Matter

Even if you belong to the type of liberal people who don’t like to put labels on things, we bet you are not the same when it comes to your love life. Why do we need to know what it is that we have with the object of our desire? read more

A Dangerous Combination Of Relationships and Social Media

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Social media is very much an unavoidable part of modern day life. What was once something only used by teenagers has now expanded to attract users of every age and walk of life. The chances are your boss is on Facebook, your friends are on Snapchat, and your mom is navigating the world of Twitter. So what effect does social media and instant accessibility to over 1.7 billion strangers as well as a large network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, have on trust and relationships?

Taking a Look at the Numbers

Statistics from around the world are showing a large increase in social media usage being cited in legal documents as a reason for divorce. This is due, in part to pictures, statuses and private conversations with ex’s being only a few swipes way. It is easy to delete the evidence, and it is even easier to keep your interactions private, and this is the cause of big temptations for many users. Before the days of social media, it was a lot more difficult to meet and contact possible romantic partners. read more

Anastasia Date: Are You Her Fling? Signs That Point To Yes

Anastasia Date: Are You Her Fling? Signs That Point To Yes | Anastasia Dating Tips

New love is great and all, but the problem that most of us face when we encounter a new love is uncertainty. When you are active in today’s dating scene, you know exactly what we mean – could your new love just be a fling or is it something that will last for years to come? Anastasia Date answers this question in today’s article.

Anastasia Date: Let’s Talk About Flings

With the advent of new ways of dating, more specifically online dating, we are presented with options to meet new people. In fact, even if you’re dating offline, the mere fact that we have all these options that allow us to meet people, almost, everyday, raises the question: is this person really into me or am I just a fling?

How To Tell If You’re Just A Fling

Anastasia Date did some digging and found the following signs that should help you identify whether you’re dating someone serious or someone who’s just after a quick hookup:

1) Dates are scarce.

Have you ever experienced your online date or offline date disappearing for days or, worse, weeks, without you knowing where this person is? If you’re answer is yes, you’re right to raise your eyebrow. With your date popping up every now and then, with several days in between chats or meetings, you need to question whether there is a relationship in the first place.

2) Commitment does not come up.

Commonly, when you’re dating someone, you are inclined to call that person your girlfriend or boyfriend. If the relationship has not been defined, or your date refuses to define your relationship, he or she might not want to be committed.

3) Last minute plans.

Imagine this scenario: you just got home from work, then all of a sudden, your date texts you or chats with you, demanding to see you. Well, that was abrupt. If all of your dates, whether online or offline, feel spontaneous, abrupt or unplanned, you might just be this person’s plan B.

Do us a favor, head for the hills if you spot any of these signs with your, so-called, new love. It’s not worth it and you’ll just end up being hurt. There are better people for you out there so don’t give up on dating yet, despite your bad experiences. For more dating and online safety tips, check out the rest of our posts on our blog.

Moving In Together – Why Doesn’t She Say Yes?

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Let’s assume that you have been dating someone wonderful for a long period of time now, and you feel ready to take the next step and move in together. The problem with this plan is that your partner doesn’t seem to be on the same page with you and you get confusing responses when you ask why. In this article, we are going to take a look at some expert advice on why the situation may be this way. Let’s take a look at why your love interest is unsure about moving in together.

Reasons why she might say ‘No’ to living together

1. Family vs. a Career

If this is the case, then it is a big one. A lot of women struggle with creating a plan that suits both – motherhood and a good career. In today’s world, that is still something that isn’t granted to them. It seems that they can choose one or the other. Perhaps, the moving in together part makes her feel things are moving too fast, and she would much rather focus on her career right now. All you can do is figure out if you are okay with that and support her.

2. She Prefers Living Alone

Some people just do not want to give up the freedoms they have when they live alone. That keeps happening more and more with modern day couples – the single life just offers so many benefits. It may be that these folks haven’t fully matured yet – they may not want to make the necessary compromises for a couple living together. Or it could be that your partner simply doesn’t want to.

3. She Has Doubts

Nothing to get worried about here. We all have our doubts about settling down with someone. Perhaps she isn’t sure if YOU are ready to take this step. It could be that she needs convincing that you are truly dedicated to her.

4. She Just Doesn’t Want To

It may easily be that she just isn’t the type to live together with someone. Or that she has no interest in settling down at all. Maybe she is afraid to be upfront about it, or you have already seen the signs but have been hoping that it will change. If that is the case, then there isn’t much you can do. Clarify with her if she wants a serious relationship and if not, you need to move on.

Why is Interracial Dating the Last Taboo

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Equality is the buzzword of the moment. Third wave feminism, LGBTIQ rights, acceptance and recognition of non-binary genders, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Everywhere you look, equal rights and a demand to the end of bigotry in all of its forms is being shouted from the rooftops. So why is there such a big taboo remaining around interracial dating? Let’s take a look at some dating advice.

Interracial Dating and Its Struggles

There are plenty of taboos in American culture. As one-half of an interracial couple, I can tell you first hand that there is a long way to go. Until people accept that love does not see color, or cultural and religious differences. But it isn’t just my perception you rarely see interracial couples in Hollywood films or on mainstream television series. I challenge readers to name five critically acclaimed, big budget blockbusters that include interracial dating and relationships and portray them in a positive light it is a sobering task that I doubt can be completed.

What’s Behind the Taboo?

But why? This prevailing attitude that one should stick to dating within one’s race comes from all sides. Again this is something have experienced first hand. I have dealt with invasive questions about my future children’s beliefs, derogatory jokes and assumptions about myself and been told to “lighten up” should I dare to get offended at a joke someone has made about my partner’s heritage. The other side of the coin is that I know I have an uphill struggle when it comes to meeting his family, I will have to fight to overthrow the false preconceptions they undoubtedly have about European women and I will have to prove myself above and beyond what a woman of his background would have to.

There is Hope for Interracial Dating After All

In today’s culture of disposable relationships, online dating and lenient moral codes, surely the fact that a couple want to commit to each other and want to celebrate this publicly should be welcomed and praised. I believe that with each interracial relationship that is formed, another step towards a unified society is taken and this can only be a good thing. So to all of you that love someone with different colour skin or different religious beliefs. Remember that diversity is what makes life beautiful. Ignore the people that try to demean your relationship and remember that real love sees past colour, race and ethnicity. There are plenty of top dating sites that have members with the right mindset.