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Are You Dealing With A Pretender?

Are You Dealing With A Pretender | Anastasia Date

When you are dating online, you will encounter a lot of people of different statuses and background. Some of those, sad to say, will not have pure intentions towards you. So, as you are meeting new people on the internet, you have to know if you’re dealing with a pretender.

Major Signs That Say You’re Dealing With A Pretender Online

Yes, knowing if a person is lying about him or herself is a skill. You have to hone this skill so that you can protect yourself while you’re finding true love online. What are the major signs that say you’re dealing with a pretender? read more

New Relationship Red Flags You Should Be Aware Of

New Relationship Red Flags You Should Be Aware Of | Anastasia Date

New relationships are supposed to be all about basking in the presence of the new person in your life. However, as we do this, we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in it so we maintain our vision of reality. Because we are so distracted with the one we love that we don’t even see that there might be new relationship red flags to watch out for.

You Might Be Mismatched If You See These New Relationship Red Flags

In most cases, every new relationship is blissful. There’s nothing wrong with that if you and your date are a good match. But, if the situation is otherwise, you might be allowing the honeymoon phase to get to you too much. For instance, try if you can spot the following new relationship red flags: read more

How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Better Dating Life

How Mindfulness Can Lead To A Better Dating Life | Anastasia Date

Can you say that you have been mindful in your dating life? Or, have you just been winging it in your relationships or every time you meet someone new? There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow. But, if you practice mindfulness, you’ll probably have a much better dating life.

Practical Ways To Be mindful To Achieve A Better Dating Life

Being mindful simply means that you are conscious or aware of something. If you’re always distracted by your phone or your social media, then you’re going to have a hard time practicing mindfulness. Learn to focus, first of all. If your partner needs your attention, then focus all of your energy on just that. When you have already worked on your focus, try the following tips: read more

Signs Of Obsession You Should Watch Out For

Signs Of Obsession | Anastasia Date

How would you know if a person you’re dating is becoming more and more obsessed with you? There are definitely signs of obsession that you have to watch for. If you spot any, don’t allow the situation to progress into something potentially dangerous. Take control of it immediately.

These Signs Of Obsession Will Give You A Reality Check

If you know the specific signs to watch out for, then you will know how to keep yourself safe. An obsessed person is someone you never want to be dating because you will end up suffocating and losing yourself. Watch out for the following: read more

How To Maintain Friendships While In A Relationship

How To Maintain Friendships While In A Relationship | Anastasia Date

Did you know that’s it’s supposed to be easy to maintain friendships when you are in a healthy relationship? Yes, whether you formed that relationship online here or offline, you shouldn’t have to worry about it getting in the way of friendships that you’ve had for years.

Maintain Friendships By Balancing Your Time

What usually happens to friendships when one enters into a relationship? Commonly, they are just there, but the connection is not what it was used to be because one person doesn’t have the time anymore. Actually, most friends don’t mind as they understand. But, you should take it upon yourself to maintain friendships that you cherish by balancing your time. read more