How Russian Women View Dating

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You can bet that the Russian concept of dating differs from yours. If you are interested in dating Russian women you have to have an understanding of how they view the entire dating process.

What You Need to Know About Russian Women and Dating

1. The Princess

This is the number one thing you must understand: the Russian women you want to date expect to be treated as princesses since they have been treated as such by their fathers. They have developed an understanding that their boyfriends will treat them the same way. Because of this there are certain ways you need to behave around her family and herself.

This may lead you to believe that women from Russia are too much like divas but the truth is they simply expect to be valued and respected. That is an indication that they need to feel appreciated which does not mean you must wait on them hand and foot.

2. The One and Only

During this stage, your chosen woman will expect that she is the only one you are dating. Like we mentioned earlier, the dating concept is different in Russia and it is expected you date only one person at a time unlike other cultures where it is normal to date several women at a time. In Russia that is already considered being a cheater.

3. She Will be Alluring

This is another crucial part about understanding the Russian dating culture. She will be extremely captivating and enticing but she won’t be pursuing you. It is up to you to be responsible for initiating everything. Remember the so called princess concept.

4. Going Forward

It is very important to be upfront about what your intentions are. Simply going out with her indicates to her that it is likely you will want to move forward with dating. If you make her feel as if you’re taking things very lightly is a turn off. You need to keep this in mind.

5. The Importance of Family and Friends

In your culture these things may not be as relevant but under no circumstances should you underestimate their importance in Russia. It is a good idea to reach out and spend time with her friends and family. There may be some second thought for her but once you win over her friends and close ones, those thoughts disappear.

Be Open to Learning About Her Culture

Dating outside your culture requires keeping an open mind and being ready to learn. If you follow this advice then your dating with Russian women will go smoothly.