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If you’re not familiar with Anastasia Date, the company was founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple. You could say that Anastasia Date is a pioneer in the industry because it was among the first of its kind. Currently, it has over 1,000,000, members. It’s also visited by more than 80 million online visitors annually and the numbers are growing.

It’s gained reputation for its dedication to member safety, customer satisfaction and on-going pursuit of innovation. No wonder that it’s one of the best online dating websites you can sign up to.

Anastasia Date Freebies

Yes, you read that right! AnastasiaDate, one of the leading dating websites, is giving away FREE CREDITS through promotions and contests. Here are a few of them just to give you an idea of how you can get these free credits:

AnastasiaDate Chat Booster

This promotion was first introduced during the summer season of this year but due to popular demand, AnastasiaDate extended the promotion until the end of 2014. This promotion gives members free credits on their account on a daily basis provided that they start their account with a balance of zero every day.

Pre-requisite requirement to qualify for the promo:

• You should have made previous purchase of credits from the website. If you have done so in the past, then you are eligible for the offer.

One Free First Reply to Any Lady

How this works is very simple. Once a lady sends you a letter, you’ll be granted a FREE first reply. It won’t matter how long your letter is as long as it is a reply or a Love Note.

Terms of the Promotion:

• First reply to one letter from one lady is FREE.
• There’s currently a 30-day free offer so go grab it while it’s available.

Star Lady Guessing Contest

This photo guessing game sounds like a lot of fun! Participating members need to click on a link to access 20 photos of beautiful blonde ladies. You can then choose the one lady who you think is AnastasiaDate’s Star Lady. It’s as easy as that.

The following are the rules for the contest:

• Email your chosen lady’s ID plus your AnastasiaDate ID to
• Enjoy as many guesses as you want (1 per entry)!
• Answer correctly & get 10 FREE Credits on your account the following Monday.
• You can win 10 Credits only once.

Sign Up Today & Join in on the Fun

Contests and promotions pop up often so it’s not all just dating and lovie-dovie stuff on There’s a little fun involved and a little giving back as well, so why not join in on the fun today?

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