European Dating: Who Should Make the First Move?

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Before reading this post, please keep in mind that when it comes to European dating, the so called “dating game” in America is completely different. Depending on which European country you came from, it could go either way. You potentially have to, either, pursue the woman because it is part of the chase or you can be more reserved and wait until the woman approaches you.

Differences In European Dating

Isn’t this fun? So today we get to find out who exactly the pursuer or the pursued is and which in European country does he or she belong to. Here we go:

Do you make the first move in France and Germany?

The answer is a big YES. Women in these countries prefer to be approached by the men first. Let’s break it down, one country at a time:


A man should definitely make the first move with a sort of subtle confidence to him. French women like to be pursued but they do not expect for the man to go all out with the texts, the flowers, the late night calls, etc. They prefer nonchalance and it’s even better if you DO NOT inflate their ego more. They know they’re beautiful so they don’t really need to hear it every 5 minutes.


Dating is very different in Germany when you compare it to making the first move in France. It is expected for the man to make the first move but men in Germany appear to be more reserved and stiff. It’s not likely that they will go up to a stranger and say hello. It’s more likely for them to meet new people that their friends have introduced to them. So, in Germany, allow the man to make the first move by dropping subtle hints (granted that you know this man from a friend).

Do you make the first move in Russia?

The answer is another YES. Russia is very traditional so it is up to the man to make the first move. If you’re a foreigner, please know that most Russian women will be as cold as ice during the first few encounters. That’s just the exterior. Once you’ve made the first move, she’s probably going to tell you off but if you keep at it, she’ll say yes to the date you’ve been asking for (eventually).

Do you make the first move in Sweden and Finland?

In the case of these two countries, you may sit back, relax and wait for the woman to approach you, for a change. In Sweden and in Finland, there aren’t any defined dating “rules” and women are used to getting what they want so it’s highly likely that a woman will approach you when she likes you.

Other things to remember before making the first move

The list isn’t that comprehensive but it just goes to show that the majority of countries in Europe are more straightforward when it comes to dating. The woman can easily pay for the dinner or the two parties can go Dutch because it’s not expected for the man to pay for everything all the time.