A Ukrainian Woman – How she they feels about Dating a Foreigner

Ukrainian WomanKnow a Ukrainian Woman’s perspective on Dating a Foreigner

If you’re in Ukraine, about to travel to Ukraine or about to move to Ukraine, the chances are, you’re going to sooner or later hook up with a Ukrainian woman. Before you do that, you have to know and understand how Ukrainian girls view dating a foreigner. It may not be the case with all women, but this is just a general observation that might prove helpful when you’re actually there.

Ukrainian Woman’s Dating Attitude:

This is the first thing that you need to know. If you’re expecting a soft-spoken, ultra-feminine and shy date, think again.

1. Ukrainian girls are tough on the outside but mushy on the inside. In fact, this is also true with Russian women. They act tough outwardly to test you out but they’re secretly rooting for you to pass their test on the inside. Ukrainian girls are independent when they are by themselves but, because of strong gender roles, she’ll be expecting you to do most of the “manly” things when dating.

2. About 90% of women from Ukraine are well-educated. Many have a college degree, quite a few have master’s degrees and some even know three to four languages. This means that you’re most likely going to date someone who’s intellectually capable of having intelligent and meaningful conversations. Get the stereotype out of your head (we know what you were thinking). By extension, Ukrainian girls are also smarter when it comes to dating. There are less “mind games” and “manipulation”, unlike in America.

Things to remember when dating a woman from Ukraine:

1. Because you’re a foreigner, you are considered “exotic” to them and thus they will be very interested to experience the culture that you grew up with. With that said, your choice of what to do and where to go matters. A Ukrainian woman will appreciate you taking her to a nice restaurant. Take note that, despite their education, there are not a lot of good opportunities in Ukraine. Thus, your date might not have a lot of experiences going to good places to eat.

IMPORTANT: McDonald’s is characteristic of American culture but don’t take a Ukrainian girl there on the first date.

2. She wants to have a good time on your date. She’s less concerned about being all cute and girly and presentable. She just wants to have a good time and get to know you better so make sure that you pick a place where you’ll be both comfortable in.

3. There are two kinds of Ukrainian women (very much similar to the rest of the world): 1. The ones that want to party; 2. The ones that you can take home to mom. You’ll meet a lot of the number 1s in clubs and discos. The tricky part is meeting number 2. You could go for a Ukrainian dating agency or you could try your luck with girls when you’re actually in the country.

Good News for You

Among all of the things that we just mentioned, the best perspective that Ukrainian girls have on dating is that they will give you a chance. You won’t be automatically friend-zoned (it probably doesn’t exist in Ukraine) during the first meeting so that’s a great opportunity for you to put your best foot forward and see if you’ve met a real match or not.

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