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Online Dating – Defeating the Language Barrier Issue

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How to get round the Language Barrier Issue when Dating Online

So you have met a stunning European woman online, but there is an issue – she doesn’t speak much English. How then can you create a meaningful relationship with this lady? A flexible approach is the best one. The article here gives you advice on how to break the language barrier issue when your online dating.

1. Using online translation tools.

There are plenty to choose from and by far the most used one is Google Translate. It isn’t a 100% perfect just yet but is enough to help you comprehend what the other person means. Using Google Translate is very easy – just copy and past what is say into the box in Google Translate and pick the language “English”. Everything is very easy. read more

Online Dating – 4 Most Common Mistakes

aliona - common mistakes when online dating

Most Common Mistakes when Online Dating

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of online dating. People may not even notice when they’re breaking the online dating rules. These mistakes can seem small to people but in actuality, they play a role in how well you date online. Let’s see if you recognize any of the mistakes: here is a small list.

1. Grammar Mistakes

The most common thing people don’t pay attention to when online dating is their grammar. What’s a small mistake here and there right? Wrong. The difference in spelling right or wrong can make someone either approach you or not. Bad grammar leaves an impression of an uneducated person, and not too many people would look past it. read more

Online Dating – What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Online Dating
malvina - advantages and disadvantages of online dating

The Pros and Cons of Dating Online

With this article we discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of dating online. The number of people turning to the internet for dating is growing every day. There are many upsides to this approach but one shouldn’t forget about the downsides.

What are the Advantages?

There are so many online dating sites out there ready to help you. Other than that there is such a variety of people you can meet that have the same interests, have the body type you’re attracted to, believe in the same kinds of things. In short – you can find your dream partner. The profiles are really thorough and you can get to know a lot about a person before you even meet in person. read more

Dating Online Safety Tip – How to spot a Catfish

olga-maria - saftey tip - how to spot a catfish

Watch out for the ‘Catfish’

Other than the online dating scams for money, online daters now have to watch out for a new kind of scammer called the “catfish”. A catfish is a person who pretends to be someone that they’re not. Usually to mess with someone’s head or just lie because they are insecure about who they are.

This type of scam has become very common in recent days and we consider it equally as dangerous as the scam for money because, though you don’t really end up with an empty bank account, you’ll have wasted your time and, much worse, you’ll have ended up with a broken heart. read more

Online Dating – How to avoid Scams on International Dating Sites

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Olga - how to avoid scams

Online Dating Red Flags – How to spot a Scammer

While looking for love and romance on international online dating sites can be very exciting, it’s important not to overlook the fact that some people may take advantage of the industry as it is a very popular platform for single men and women around the world. Most people register with a dating site hoping to find love and a potential life partner. Unfortunately, this kind of mindset makes people very vulnerable and thus easy prey for scammers.

You may have even been in a similar situation yourself while trying to find your perfect match. It’s great if you haven’t fallen for anyone’s lies yet, but if you have, don’t worry, you’ll know the warning signs next time someone tries to take advantage of you. If you are new to online dating or have been lucky enough to only communicate with genuine ladies, here are a couple of red flags to watch out for: read more