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If You Have An Anxious Attachment Style, You’ll Have These Characteristics

If You Have An Anxious Attachment Style, You'll Have These Characteristics | Anastasia Date

In the process of dating a person for a romantic relationship, you have to assess their attachment style. A lot of people may think that this step is unnecessary before going into a relationship since all you really need is to feel the spark. But, you may want to reconsider especially if you end up with a person that has an anxious attachment style.

A Partner With An Anxious Attachment Style Will Be Very Dependent And Clingy

Essentially, there are three basic attachment styles: secure which is ideal, avoidant which puts up walls or maintains distance, and anxious attachment style which involves dependency. Let’s focus on the last one. If your potential partner has the following characteristics, it could mean that his or her attachment style is anxious. read more

Obvious Turn-Offs That Men Don’t Get While On Dating Apps

While On Dating Apps | Anastasia Date

While on dating apps, it’s absolutely important that men understand different factors that turn women off. Of course, the basics apply. For example, if you’re rude or a jerk, then that’s going to be a big red flag for women you meet on dating apps. But, how about less obvious turn-offs?

While On Dating Apps, Avoid Doing These On Your Dating Profile

Of course, you’d want to present yourself in the best light, but when you boast about yourself too much, you can send the wrong message to the ladies. For example, you would think that the following are harmless, but they’re actually pretty annoying to females who could be your potential dates: read more

Zero Dating Can Be The Answer To Your Problems

Zero Dating Can Be The Answer To Your Problems | Anastasia Date

Not everyone knows what the zero dating concept or rule is. It’s fairly new in the dating scene and, to be totally honest, still experimental. It is designed to see if two people who met online actually have chemistry when meeting in real life. All it takes is a one hour meet-up.

How The Zero Dating Concept Works

Let’s be clear that the zero dating concept is not about avoiding new people. It doesn’t say that we cannot date anyone. It merely wants to test the chemistry between two people. These are the steps that are involved in zero dating: read more

If She Does This, It’s Time For You To Move On

Move On | Anastasia Date

In dating, we always hope that the person we like also likes us back. However, we’re not so lucky all of the time. We cannot force a person to be interested in us. What we must do is watch out for signs of disinterest our date is throwing to our faces so we don’t waste anyone else’s time, including our own. We must know when to move on.

Move On If You Don’t Want To Get Your Heart Broken

When we are so interested in the person who we imagine as our potential partner, we miss a lot of signs that say the person isn’t interested in us romantically. If we allow ourselves to be blinded by our feelings, there’s a big chance that we will feel the person rejection deeply. But, how do we know, for sure, that we need to move on? read more

Relationship Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Relationship Maintainance Tips You Shouldn't Ignore | Anastasia Date

In your dating life, do you believe that a bit of maintenance work in a relationship is necessary? There are a lot of couples who don’t believe so. However, in the long run, whether you want to admit it or not, you’re going to need some relationship maintenance to fix whatever issues that you have come across.

The Relationship Maintenance Checklist Everyone Needs

Before you even go through this checklist, you have to admit that your relationship needs a bit of work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new relationship or you have been together for years. Everyone’s dynamics always needs adjusting, even if it’s just a little bit. Here’s the relationship maintenance checklist you can go through: read more