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AnastasiaDate Scam Reveal: How To Recognize Shady People Online

AnastasiaDate Scam helps you recognize fake online people

Dating in the digital world is both simple and very complicated all at once. It is simple because we now have all the necessary tools and equipment to make it work, but it is also hard because, even more so than IRL, deceit is always a possibility. AnastasiaDate Scam shows you the red flags of shady people online.

AnastasiaDate Scam: How To Separate The Online Dating Wheat From The Chaff

In the massive pool of online dating potential, how do you decide if a person is fake or not? Here are some practical and easy ways to recognize a shady person online.

First of all, check out her other social media. If they are too private (like a locked Instagram account or a Facebook profile where practically everything is hidden), it might be a sign they are hiding something – like a boyfriend, maybe? read more

Anastasia Date: This Is A Most Important Thing For A Happy Relationship

Anastasia Date explains why our love life is afftected by how well we know ourselves.

There is so much advice out there about the things you need to do in order to have a happy relationship, from the ways to find the perfect partner to the right behavior on your dates. However, there is one thing that is absolutely necessary, and it’s all about you. Anastasia Date explains why self-knowledge is the key to happiness.

Anastasia Date Explains How Self-Knowledge Will Make You Happy

You may wonder why knowing yourself is considered to be such an important factor in forming and keeping a blissful relationship. It’s really simple.

Self-Knowledge Helps You Find The One

When you know yourself, you also know what you find desirable in a partner and what kind of person can make you happy in your life. A quiet person, for example, may like a more outgoing partner to fill that void in their lives and bring more excitement to it. Conversely, a person with a strong imagination often seeks a more grounded partner that will help him survive the mundanity of everyday life. read more

Is She Flirting Or Manipulating? This Will Clear Things Up

Is She Really Flirting Or Manipulating? | Anastasia Date Scams

Whenever a woman is flirting with you, it most likely makes you think of two things: “this girl likes me” and “this girl will definitely say yes when I ask her out.” Those are definite possibilities. Another definite possibility that you may have not thought of is that the woman flirting with you, might not be flirting at all. She may be manipulating you into doing something for her. How would you know if she’s flirting or manipulating you, then?

Do These Signs Say She’s Flirting Or Manipulating?

It’s hard enough that we are disappointed with the thought of a lady manipulating us instead of actually being interested. But, that’s just how dating is, especially online dating. You still have to practice precaution however you can. With that said, to make things easier for you, here are signs that can easily help you in identifying flirting from manipulation: read more

All the Latest Dating Terms Explained

dating terms AnastasiaDate

Have you been in a conversation lately where half of the terms used sounded like a language you don’t speak? Keeping up with the latest dating and relationship vocabulary is a real struggle these days. However, you know how we always like to keep you up-to-date, so AnastasiaDate is here to clarify things.

Finally Learn All Those Dating Terms And Their Meanings

The dating scene changes faster than Kylie Jenner changes hairstyles, and so new terms emerge almost as fast as you learn the old ones. So, there’s no time to waste, let’s have a look at the latest dating and relationship vocabulary around.

EUM/EUWThese 3 letters are short for “Emotionally Unavailable Man/ Woman”, so if a person describes themselves as such, it basically means that they may be dating somebody else already, be married/ recently separated / almost divorced, or even in a long-distance relationship.

A relationship with a person who describes him/herself as “emotionally unavailable” is one where emotions are not part of the deal. So, if you are looking for a very casual, sexual relationship with no strings attached or any emotional attachment, this is the kind of person for you. Otherwise, you’d do well to run a mile.

Gaslighting – Coming from an old US thriller, this psychological term describes the worst kind of emotional abuse: the one where a partner manipulates the other into doubting their own perception of reality. It leads to one of the most toxic kinds of relationships, as the victim is slowly weakened into submission and complete dependence on the gaslighter.

PhubbingA combination of the words “phone” and “snubbing”, Phubbing is that familiar moment when you’re trying to make a conversation with someone and feel like you’re talking to a wall, as they’re too absorbed in their mobile phone, checking out their social media accounts.

Professors James Roberts and Meredith David, from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, recently released a study that showed that smartphone use increasingly makes people unhappy in their relationships as it becomes a source of conflict in the couple when one of the two is in the habit of phubbing.

Breezing – After many years of trying to play it cool, now comes Breezing, the exact opposite dating approach. People in the habit of Breezing appear too cool to care about keeping up appearances. They will reply to your texts/ messenger messages quickly rather than wait, thus proving that they don’t care enough to play games.

Hope we’re helped you feel more “in-the-know” with these latest words about dating and relationships. At least until next time, when AnastasiaDate returns with newly-coined ones.Until then, you can read our previous articles on dating here.

Relationship Labels: Are You Hooking Up, Dating, Or Having A Relationship?

relationship labels AnastasiaDate

What constitutes a full-blown relationship? What is the difference between a situationship and simply dating? Is a hook-up a potential relationship, or is it just a fleeting romance? How have our relationships become so complicated that even defining them is hard these days? We help you make heads or tails of whatever it is you have by helping you put your own relationship labels.

Why Relationship Labels Matter

Even if you belong to the type of liberal people who don’t like to put labels on things, we bet you are not the same when it comes to your love life. Why do we need to know what it is that we have with the object of our desire? read more