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Make Your Boring Relationship More Fun With These Easy Tips

Make Your Boring Relationship More Fun With These Easy Tips | Anastasia Date

After some time of being together, a couple can get too familiar with each other. The tendency is to take each other for granted. The spark dies down and the two people who were once passionately involved find themselves stuck in a boring relationship. Not to worry, though, if you have found yourself in this situation because there’s always something you can do to turn things around.

Turn Your Boring Relationship Around Quickly

You have the power to turn things around for the better and, once again, find yourselves having the best time of your lives. If your partner doesn’t do anything, take the lead. If you do so, there is hope that he or she will follow your footsteps and eventually become in sync. If you two keep on waiting for one another to do something, it might be too late. So here are some easy tips you can follow to turn your boring relationship into something more fun: read more

Your Relationship Survival Is High When You Spot These Characteristics

Your Relationship Survival Is High When You Spot These Characteristics | Anastasia Date

All relationships, whether it’s dating or marriage, are bound to have rough patches. These are seasons of trials in our lives. Only one person could be experiencing a hard time but it doesn’t mean that the partner won’t be affected at all. The relationship survival, then, depends on the partners’ attitude and behavior towards the obstacles that they are facing.

How Can We Improve Our Relationship Survival Rate?

We are all survivors of mishaps that have happened in our lives. If we can survive our toughest personal challenges, we can definitely do more so with our partner. Two people are stronger than one. On that note, there are certain traits or characteristics that will help increase your chances of relationship survival: read more

The Lasting Relationship Advice Experts Are Wrong About

The Lasting Relationship Advice Experts Are Wrong About | Anastasia Date

There is no perfect relationship, everyone knows that. Even in romance novels and movies, the couple always encounters problems and they may or may not end up resolving them. But, while there is no perfect relationship, history tells us that we can always aim for a lasting relationship. In our efforts to make our relationship last, we need to discern advice that we need to listen to and advice that we should totally ignore (even when they come from experts).

Have We Been Following Wrong Advice For A Lasting Relationship All This Time?

For all of use to know, we’ve compiled three of these inaccurate pieces of advice that relationship experts have suggested. See the list below and spot the ones that you have already heard of or even followed: read more

Why Finding The One Online Is So Stressful

Why Finding The One Online Is So Stressful | Anastasia Date

If you’ve been online dating for a while, you already know how stressful it is to find someone you may have a genuine connection with. There are those who may find online dating easy, but the majority of us know the hardships involved when you are finding the one online. Could there be a reason behind this?

We Stress Over Finding The One Because We Believe In Misconceptions

There are so many misconceptions about finding the one. Our false beliefs are actually are one of the major causes of stressful online dating. We believe, men and women alike, that we need to stumble on so many wrong ones before finally landing on the perfect partner. We become picky and stress over preferences because of the following: read more

Don’t Invite Your Date Home Unless You Do These Tasks

invite your date home anastasiadate

When you hear the phrase bachelor’s pad, you think of a sleek apartment, with high-end furniture. You may also think that the owner of the said apartment is a man of the world – stylish, well-spoken, and well-read. Most often than not, this only appears in movies. Some of the bachelor pads of today don’t really resemble the bachelor pads in movies. Despite this, there’s one lesson that you need to remember – your apartment can say a lot of things about you. On that note, you probably shouldn’t invite your date home unless you’ve done the tasks on the list below. read more