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When Should You Trust Your Intuition?

When Should You Trust Your Intuition? | Anastasia Date

In a relationship, sometimes advice from the TV, magazines, or even friends and family can be confusing. So, what are you left with, when you’re actually in a situation where you have to make an important decision, is your gut. However, we have to admit that our gut isn’t always 100% accurate, especially when it comes to finding a mate. When do you choose to trust your intuition?

Choose To Trust Your Intuition When The Conditions Are Right

The simplest answer to the above question is when the conditions are right. This means that there must be certain factors in place before you can go with whatever your intuition is telling you. These conditions are as follows: read more

Is It Safe To Go Engage In Ukrainian Dating Online?

Is It Safe To Go Engage In Ukrainian Dating Online? | Anastasia Date

When it comes to Ukrainian dating, many still ask if it is a safe endeavor to engage in. There are plenty of beautiful Ukrainian women to meet especially through online dating. However, many still worry if the beauties they see are sincere and authentic in finding a person to have a relationship with.

The Truth About The Safety Of Ukrainian Dating Through Websites And Apps

Most of our worries probably come from the fact that some Ukrainian dating sites have a bad reputation for having dating profiles that aren’t legitimate. This means that ladies misrepresent themselves or that they are profiles of people who fish information from others. So here’s the truth about this: read more

Slow Dating Is A Great Way To Cure Dating App Burnout

Slow Dating Is A Great Way To Cure Dating App Burnout | Anastasia Date

In our generation, it seems that everything needs to be fast. We have fast food, which we can order even faster with the advent of ordering online. We also have fast messages through email, SMS, and chat. There are other things too that we need to have ASAP, and that includes getting a date. While we’re glad that we can have our food and messages in a jiff, we may get burnt out from hoping that we can get a date as quickly. Could slow dating be the answer to this?

What Is Slow Dating And How Does It Help?

For those who have experienced dating app burnout, or even just dating burn out in general, can totally relate. As we experience this, the anxiety of not having anyone with us builds up. We also feel anxious because of the fear of missing out, since it seems that everyone else has a date except us. Slow dating could be the answer to this, but what is slow dating, anyway? read more

Tips For Having That Exclusive Relationship Talk

Tips For Having That Exclusive Relationship Talk | Anastasia Date

You don’t have wait very long in order to find out whether you’re wasting your time with your date. When the time is right or when you feel that the urge to ask is creeping up slowly, you need to have that exclusive relationship talk. But, how will you do it without being too awkward?

The Exclusive Relationship Talk Made Easy

So you want to settle into an exclusive relationship, but don’t know how to tell the person you’re newly dating about it? Here are some ways to determine whether he or she shares the same sentiment with you: read more

What You Must Understand About Controlling People

What You Must Understand About Controlling People | Anastasia Date

Are you constantly conflicted in your relationship? Then, you might be dating a control freak. Controlling people are the most toxic people in your life. You have to understand that they are very good at what they do too.

Facts About Controlling People You Have To Know

In order to deal with what you have right now and be happier in your love life, learn to identify the things that make-up controlling people:

1. Being Critical

A huge characteristic or sign of controlling people is that they constantly criticize other people. It seems that everyone has a fault except them. In a relationship, they would want to beat down their partners with words so that eventually, they will feel powerless from constant criticism. That way, they cannot fight back anymore. read more