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This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy

This Is How To Encourage Your Partner Without Being Too Pushy | Anastasia Date

In most cases, we really want to be encouraging to the love of our life. However, we cannot force the person to do what we want just because it is good for them. But, there’s always a way for us to encourage the people that we care for without being too pushy.

Instantly Encourage Your Partner To Be The Best

There’s a certain technique called the Motivational Interview. Commonly, it is used for addiction patients or other people who have difficulty changing their ways. It focuses on the subject’s own motivation, rather than being directive or forceful. It zooms in on what the subject “might want to do,” instead of what the subject “should or ought to do.” So, how can this type of interview be done? There are a couple of steps to it: read more

These Are The Reasons Why We Need To Try Spooning

These Are The Reasons Why We Need To Try Spooning | Anastasia Date

When you have been in a relationship with your significant other for quite some time, most of your romance flies out the window. You become complacent and comfortable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, when we accept that romance isn’t needed, our relationship might suffer. There’s one quick way to get all of those loving feelings back. Why not try spooning?

Try Spooning To Get The Sparks Back In Your Relationship

Spooning is a simple act. Basically, it’s another word for cuddling. Because of how busy our lives are, we rarely show affection to our significant other. This has to change especially if you want your relationship to stay alive. So, what are the benefits of spooning?


According to experts, cuddling or spooning promotes relaxation. There has been a good number of studies that say you’ll sleep better when your partner is beside you. If you want to be more restful the next morning, try cuddling.

Closer Connection

As you know, spooning promotes closeness. In fact, experts suggest spooning to couples during counseling sessions. This is because spooning releases the hormone called oxytocin. This is also referred to as the love hormone. It is released whenever we make physical contact with our partner.

Alternate Form Of Intimacy

We can’t always have physical intimacy with the person we love. We feel tired sometimes. This is especially true if you have a family to take care of. Instead of feeling guilty because you don’t spend time in the bedroom anymore, why not try cuddling since it produces a similar effect?

Spooning Is Simple

The last benefit is that spooning is simple. You don’t have to prepare anything like when you go on a date. All you have to do is cuddle up with your partner.

It’s wonderful to think that there are ways to become closer to your significant other without doing a lot of things. Spooning doesn’t require too much effort. Also, it will likely happen right before bedtime, so it’s a good way to feel closer to your partner as you get a good night’s rest. Not everyone wants to try spooning, but now that the benefits are evident, they might change their mind. For more tips about dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.

While On A Relationship Plateau, You Should Never Act This Way

While On A Relationship Plateau, You Should Never Act This Way | Anastasia Date

No matter how loving your partner is, you should expect to experience a relationship plateau. In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a time when you no longer see everything through rose-colored glasses. You see your partner’s negatives or you simply lose interest in your relationship. Please know that this is a normal phase to go through. All couples experience plateaus. The problem comes when you don’t know how to handle yourself during these slumps.

Power Through Your Relationship Plateau By Avoiding These Actions

As mentioned, all couples go through a relationship plateau. Most that come out of it establish a relationship that can withstand any drama or problem. However, those that don’t know how to act while going through this phase leads their relationship to ruin. For starters, if you do the following actions during your relationship plateau, you might be putting your relationship at risk:

1. You or your partner seek affection elsewhere.

Basically, this is action will encourage you to cheat. If you’re looking for affection in other people, then you’re opening your heart up to other people. What you should be doing is seeking the affection of your partner. Affection is already available to you through your partner. There’s no need to seek it elsewhere.

2. You have less than five positive interactions for every bad one.

Experts say that a relationship will be alright if a couple has more than five positive moments for every one bad moment they’ve had. In your case, if you don’t have happy moments that often, then you should be finding ways to make it happen. Don’t allow your relationship to go on a downward spiral of negative interactions.

3. You’re not motivated to resolve any conflict.

We can’t always be motivated to resolve the conflicts that we go through. However, when things cool down, you still need to talk about what happened. Communication is the key even if you lack motivation during your relationship plateau.

Power through your plateau. Don’t give up too easily if you’re truly serious about your partner. Think of this phase as a testing through the fire. You’ll be stronger even if you don’t come out of it in one piece. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

A Relationship That Is Built To Last Will Have These Indicators

A Relationship That Is Built To Last Will Have These Indicators | Anastasia Date

When in a relationship, we often wonder if the love that we’re feeling for the amazing person we’re with will last. We are hoping it will, but how can we tell for sure that the relationship is built to last? Definitely, we have to make sure that our foundation is right. There should be respect in the relationship. When you have this down, you’ll need to watch out for other indicators.

This Is How You Ensure That Your Relationship Is Built To Last

According to most experts, you only need to watch out for four relationship factors that will tell you that your relationship will survive. It won’t necessarily end up in marriage (because what if you and your partner are not the marrying type?). But, it does tell you that the connection you have with your significant other is something deeper.


As humans, we find it difficult to share our problems with people around us. We sometimes even hesitate to share with people we are close to. So, if your partner is opening up to you, and you are doing the same, it is a great indicator that you trust each other enough to show your vulnerable sides.


Because we are in a relationship, we can’t just think of ourselves anymore. It’s not just about us because we have another person in our life that we should take care of. This is what it means to support the person you’re with – to have someone’s back no matter what.


The next factor is accountability. This allows us to help our partner be the best person. For example, if there’s something that your partner did that’s wrong, you can’t just remain silent. You have to hold him or her accountable for the mistake. Your partner should also be doing the same with you.

Physical Love

There’s no romantic relationship that can last without physical love. You’ll know that your relationship is built to last because you show your emotions through touch. May it be a kiss, a hug, or an intimate act, all these forms of physical love are necessary.

If you don’t spot these indicators, don’t worry. Maybe you’re not there yet. Work on it, and let your partner in on your plan to improve your relationship. Work on it together so both of you can say that you have built a relationship that stands the test of time. For more relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.

Is It Alright To Secretly Check The Email Or Texts Of Your Partner?

Is It Alright To Secretly Check The Email Or Texts Of Your Partner? | Anastasia Date

You have a totally different opinion than the beautiful woman you met online. Naturally, it is the same when it comes to couples. Each couple has their own opinion about a certain situation. For example, the question about whether or not it is ok to secretly check the email, chats, texts of your partner has mixed answers. Some couples are ok with it because they may believe in total transparency.

To Secretly Check The Email Of Your Partner Is A Sign Of Distrust

Generally, no one likes a person who is snooping around different inboxes in a shady or secret way. When you put this situation into a relationship, things can get messy because it is a clear sign of distrust. As mentioned, there are couples who might be ok with it, but their opinion is not of the majority. Almost everyone feels like to secretly check the email or text of the person you’re dating as a red flag.

What To Do When You Are The Suspicious One

If you are the one with all the suspicious feelings, it’s best to tell your partner about it. If he or she is serious about your relationship, a discussion will take place. What you did or want to do may hurt your partner so he or she will react negatively at first to your confession. Give him or her time, as well as the reassurance that you want to get past feelings of insecurity.

Why Do You Feel This Way?

Experts say that we might feel the urge to check our partner’s different inboxes is because we have gone through the same scenario in the past. We may have been lied or cheated on with the use of email or social media. Although we have gotten passed the situation, there will always be that burning question in our head when we are in a new relationship, “Will it happen to me again?” We don’t trust our judgment and we don’t fully trust our partner.

We need to recognize that our urge to do check our partner’s email or texts is unhealthy. This is something that we need to deal with from within. Our partner may be willing to help, but ultimately it will be up to us. For more relationship tips, read more on the blog.