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Most Of Us Are The Victims Of “Pocketing” Without Knowing It

Most Of Us Are The Victims Of Pocketing Without Knowing It | Anastasia Date

There have been a lot of dating trends and terms emerging from the scene this past few years. Another one we can add to the slew is pocketing. Just like most dating terms, how it is done has been happening ever since. In fact, most of us might be the victim of pocketing without even knowing it.

Everything You Need To Know About Pocketing

Pocketing happens when your significant other has been hiding you or avoiding introducing you to friends and family. Even on social media, your date is still hiding you. In short, your partner, who you have been seeing for some time is hiding you in public. Ouch! Right? It may be hard to spot, but here are the signs that your partner is pocketing you: read more

Tips On How To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage

Tips On How To Avoid Relationship Self-Sabotage | Anastasia Date

When everything seems to be going right in your relationship, you have to do whatever you can to prevent yourself from sabotaging everything. In most cases, however, we find this difficult to do because we all have baggage that we carry. Because of the weight and the effect of the baggage, we commit relationship self-sabotage.

Prevent Yourself From Committing Relationship Self-Sabotage

Relationship self-sabotage often happens when the couple, or one person in the relationship, is behaving in a way that will cause discord or fighting within the partnership. It sounds very dubious, but in most cases, the person (or people) doing the relationship sabotage isn’t even aware of it. So, the most obvious solution would be to practice awareness together with the following ways: read more

You Are Stuck In A Grey Zone In Your Relationship

Grey Zone In Your Relationship | Anastasia Date

Have you ever heard of a relationship grey zone as you are dating? You probably haven’t but you might already know what a grey zone is. It’s when your partnership is stuck in a rut, it’s stagnant, everything feels mundane, and everything’s just boring, for a prolonged period of time.

You Can Always Get Out Of The Grey Zone

Don’t be mistaken. There will be periods in all of our relationships that might feel like being in the grey zone. But, they may not be. If you just feel bored for a short period of time, this isn’t the grey zone yet. However, if you have been feeling this way for a long time, then you have to do something about it: read more

Does She Mean It When She Says Words Of Affection To You?

Does She Mean It When She Says Words Of Affection To You? | Anastasia Date

We really have to be careful as we meet new people for a romantic partnership. There are those that will have sincere intentions towards, but we cannot hide the fact that there are people, whether online or offline, who might lie to us to get what they want. Do the words of affection that people say reflect how they really feel?

Signs That Her Words Of Affection Are True And Sincere

It hurts when you finally find out that the person you have been dating online or offline has been lying to you. So, from the start, you have to know if someone’s words of affection are real, or just perfume that will fade away after a while? There are some signs that you need to watch out for: read more

How To Improve Your Relationship With Sincere Apologies

Improve Your Relationship With Sincere Apologies | Anastasia Date

When you and your loved one first start dating, you were in the habit of apologizing whenever you did something wrong. However, now that a good amount of time has passed, why has our habit of giving out sincere apologies disappeared?

Bring Back Your Practice Of Giving Out Sincere Apologies

We don’t give out sincere apologies anymore because we are complacent. We think that our partner will always be there, so we feel like we can get away with anything. Or, because our partner care for us so much, we don’t see the need to make an effort anymore. If this is what you are like in your relationship, you are making a big mistake. You need to make the following changes right away: read more